Network is the connection of computer, server, peripheral and other devices connected to one another to share the data. Networking is a flexible area for student to base their projects on students of computer science, information technology, telecommunication, electronics and communication can focus their project on networking.


  • Peer to peer
  • Wireless sensor network

Types of Network

  • Client server network.
  • Peer to peer network.

Client server network

Client server network is used for large area network communication. Any server or a computer can be given centralized main control which enables to store and share files. This server performs higher than other computer. Clients can directly communicate to server files. Security is very much required in client server network.

Peer to Peer Network

It is widely used network as no security is required. Message flooding is the communication that happens between computers in peer to peer network. It is very easy to share files to other devices using this network.