Image Processing

Image processing is the process of converting an image into digital form and performs operations on it. Image processing is done to get an enhanced image or extract useful information from it.

Image processing involves three steps

  • Import the image using optical scanner or by digital photography.
  • Analyze and manipulate the image by data compression, image enhancement and spotting patterns.
  • Finally output is given based on image analysis.

Purpose of image processing

  • Visualization - Observe the objects that are not visible.
  • Image retrieval - Seek for the image of interest.
  • Measurement of pattern – Measures various objects in an image.
  • Image sharpening and restoration - To create a better image.
  • Image Recognition – Distinguish the objects in an image.

Applications of image processing

  • Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Medicine
  • Security, biometrics
  • Satellite imagery