Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. Its goal is to enable the development of computers that are able to do things normally done by people - in particular, things associated with people acting intelligently.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Problem solving

    This is the first application of artificial intelligence. Objective of this research is the ability to formulate a problem and to implement the procedures on AI system to solve the problems like human being.

  • Game playing

    AI has the ability to accept a formal set of rules such as chess, Go, Kalah, Checkers etc. this makes it easy to generate the search space and frees the researcher from many complexities. For solving huge problems, AI requires lot of techniques like heuristics.

  • Theorem proving

    Theorem proving is another application area of AI research, i.e. To prove Boolean Algebra theorems as a humans we first try to prove Lemma., i.e. it tells us whether the Theorem is having feasible solution or not. If the theorem is having feasible solution we will try to prove it otherwise we will discard it. Similarly whether the AI system will react to prove Lemma before trying to attempting to prove a theorem is the focus of this application area of research.

  • Image processing

    The goal of Image Processing is to identify the relationship between the parts of image. Image processing is the process of converting an image into digital form and performs operations on it. Image processing is done to get an enhanced image or extract useful information from it.

  • Expert system

    Expert means the person who had complete knowledge in the particular field. The main aim of this problem is with the help of experts, to load their tricks on to the computer and make available those tricks to the other users. The expert can solve the problems within the time.

  • Robotics

    Not all robotics is considered to be part of AI. A Robot that perform the actions that it has been pre-programmed to perform is considered to be a “dumb” robot, includes some kind of sensory equipments like camera , that allows it to respond to changes in its environment , rather than just to follow instructions “mindlessly”.

  • Heuristic classification

    The term Heuristic means to Find & Discover. Find the problem and discover the corrective solution. For solving complex AI problems it’s requires lots of knowledge and some represented mechanisms in form of Heuristic Search Techniques., i.e. referred to known as Heuristic Classification.

  • Automatic programming

    The main goal of automatic programming is to create special programs that act as intelligent tools to assist programmers and each phase of the programming process. The ultimate aim of automatic programming is a computer system that could develop programs by itself in response to the specifications of the program developer.