Android is the mobile operating system which is the modified version of Linux kernel. Android plays a major role in our day to day life. Android is the most using application today. We have android application for everything today such as education, document creation, health, finance etc . Just imagine if you develop an application as you desire and it works. Yes, the Nxtlogic help you in producing your desired application and creates you a dream come true moment. Nxtlogic provides a variety of android app project ideas to be developed as your final year project. We develop the best android projects with front end as JAVA, SWING etc and backend as SQ Lite. Database is the major element where we can store collection of data and their values. Here we use SQ Lite as database to store data which is more efficient and user-friendly. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and software to run the project. For android projects we install you android studio and some additional tools if necessary. Our expert will explain you about the project and will show you full demo of the project. We configure and implement project in both mobile and PC with required tools. These ideas have been researched and updated here for students to implement and use.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
Real Time Based Android Projects.
1AND01NXTA Mobile Phone Based Medicine in-Take Reminder and Monitor
2AND02NXTAdvanced GPS location finder to identify hospital and ATM locations
3AND03NXTan efficient mobile GPS navigator, tracker and altimeter system for location based services
4AND04NXTAndroid - Event Scheduler / Reminder
5AND05NXTAndroid Anti Theft For Mobile Phone Using F-Secure
6AND06NXTAndroid Application for Call Taxi Booking
7AND07NXTAndroid Leave Management System
8AND08NXTAndroid Mobile Contact Details Locking System
9AND09NXTAndroid Shopping Location Identifier
10AND10NXTAndroid Student Result Analyzing System
11AND11NXTBank Account Tracker Application
12AND12NXTBus Reservation System
13AND13NXTBus Tracker Application
14AND14NXTBusiness Card and QR Code Reader Application
15AND15NXTCampus Assistant Application on an Android Platform
16AND16NXTCloudmov: Cloud-Based Mobile Social TV
17AND17NXTCompany Security Information System
18AND18NXTConnect to My Doctor
19AND19NXTCreating A Text Editor
20AND20NXTCredit Card Management System
21AND21NXTDesign and Development of Car Parking and Automatic Billing Application
22AND22NXTDisplay Location When Calling
23AND23NXTEffective Risk Communication For Android Apps
24AND24NXTExpenses Managing Applications
25AND25NXTFace-to-Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth on Smart Phones
26AND26NXTFile Transfer Using Android With AES
27AND27NXTFriend Mapper on Mobiles - Friend Locator
28AND28NXTGoogle Location Finder / Identifier
29AND29NXTGPS - Location Alert System
30AND30NXTLive Data Streaming in Notification Service
31AND31NXTLocation Based Alarm System
32AND32NXTLocking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using Can (Theft Control System)
33AND33NXTMicro Credit Banking on Smart Phone
34AND34NXTMobile Travel Guide A Smart Way to Travel
35AND35NXTMulti User Mobile Bluetooth Two Way Text Chat
36AND36NXTMultiple Smart Bank Account Tracker
37AND37NXTOnline Banking Using Android With Network Security
38AND38NXTReal-Time Street Parking Availability Estimation
39AND39NXTRental House Web Portal
40AND40NXTRestaurant Information and Control Methods
41AND41NXTRestaurant Table Order Management System
42AND42NXTRFID-Based Location System For Forest Search and Rescue Missions
44AND44NXTSmart Meeting Scheduler for MNCs
45AND45NXTStudent Attendance Tracking System
46AND46NXTThe Quick Ambulance Search Using Google Map
47AND47NXTTollgate Payment System in Android
48AND48NXTWeather Reader Through SMS Using Android
49AND49NXTWhite Card Web Application With Android App
50AND50NXTWork/Life Balance and Smartphones
51AND51NXTTraffic Congestion - Traffic Congestion Detection Using GPS Data
52AND52NXTTourism Place - A virtual travel agent system for m-tourism with semantic web service based design and implementation
53AND53NXTHerbarium - Digitization workflows for herbarium  Collections
54AND54NXTSpeech to text conversion using android platform
55AND55NXT Smart Gadgets Watch in Android