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S.NoProject CodeProject Title
1BD18NXT01Harnessing The Hybrid Cloud For Secure Big Image Data Service
2BD18NXT02Mobile Big Data: The Fuel For Data-Driven Wireless
3BD18NXT03Accelerated Distributed Optimization Design for Reconstruction of Big Sensory Data
4BD18NXT04Big Sensor Data Systems for Smart Cities
5BD18NXT05Big Data for Autonomic Intercontinental Overlays
6BD18NXT06An Efficient Approach for Local Affinity Pattern Detection in Remotely Sensed Big Data
7BD18NXT07Big Data for Health
8BD18NXT08Real-Time Big Data Analytical Architecture for Remote Sensing Application
9BD18NXT09Sketch and Validate for Big Data Clustering
10BD18NXT10Moving Big Data to The Cloud: An Online Cost-Minimizing Approach
11BD18NXT11Distributed Smart Home Architecture for Data Handling in Smart Grid
12BD18NXT12Improved Model For The Spatial Load Forecasting Of The Slovenian Distribution Network
13BD18NXT13Representational Learning Approach For Power System Transient Stability Assessment Based On Convolutional Neural Network
14BD18NXT14Fast and Accurate Estimation of Angle-of-Arrival for Satellite-Borne Wideband Communication System
15BD18NXT15High-Resolution Imaging Of The Deep Anisotropic Structure Of The San Andreas Fault System Beneath Southern California
16BD18NXT16A Framework for Energy-Aware Routing in Packet Networks
17BD18NXT17Real-Time Optical Spectrum Fourier Transform With Time–Bandwidth Product Compression
18BD18NXT18Solar Potential Analysis Method Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds
19BD18NXT19Elder Tracking and Fall Detection System Using Smart Tiles
20BD18NXT20Toward Large-Scale Crop Production Forecasts For Global Food Security
21BD18NXT21Data-Driven Stochastic Pricing and Application to Electricity Market
22BD18NXT22Big Data, Big Knowledge: Big Data For Personalized Healthcare
23BD18NXT23Applying Data Models To Big Data Architectures
24BD18NXT24Anisotropic Reverse-Time Migration of Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Collected on the Sand Dunes in the Badain Jaran Desert
25BD18NXT25A Slotted Sense Multiple Access Protocol for Timely and Reliable Data Transmission in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
1IM18NXT01The Role of Film and Television Technology in Space Achievements
2IM18NXT02Chronological Video Synopsis via Events Rearrangement Optimization
3IM18NXT03Classification of multiple diseases based on wavelet features
4IM18NXT04Action recognition using vague division DMMs
5IM18NXT05Combination of saliency histogram equalisation and seam carving for image resizing
6IM18NXT06Breast thermal images classification using optimal feature selectors and classifiers
7IM18NXT07Optimal partitioning methods for image segmentation
8IM18NXT08Cross-media colour gamut mapping model for the preservation of visual differentials in layer-tinted maps
9IM18NXT09Polarisation analysing complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensor in 65-nm standard CMOS technology
10IM18NXT10Optical Visualization of Cerebral Cortex by Label-Free Multiphoton Microscopy
11IM18NXT11A secure image steganography algorithm based on least significant bit and integer wavelet transform
12IM18NXT12IMF End-to-End Workflows in Media Asset Management Systems
13IM18NXT13Hierarchical Layout Deduction for Furniture Model Retrieval
14IM18NXT14Urban Land Cover Classification With Missing Data Modalities Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
15IM18NXT15Investigation on Measurement of Size and Concentration of Solid Phase Particles in Gas-Solid Two Phase Flow
16IM18NXT16Signature Infrared Bacteria Spectra Analyzed by an Advanced Integrative Computational Approach Developed for Identifying Bacteria Similarity
17IM18NXT17Automatic Parameter Selection of Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Planar Array Capacitive Imaging
18IM18NXT18Triple Modal Coherent Nonlinear Imaging With Vibrational Contrast
19IM18NXT19Integrated Silicon Photonic Microresonators: Emerging Technologies
20IM18NXT20Evaluation of Unmixing Methods for Impervious Surface Area Extraction From Simulated EnMAP Imagery
21IM18NXT21Stepwise Evolution Analysis of the Region-Merging Segmentation for Scale Parameterization
22IM18NXT22Kinetics of Optical Properties of Colorectal Muscle During Optical Clearing
23IM18NXT23Lifetime Imaging on Silicon Bricks Using the Ratio of Photoluminescence Images With Different Excitation Wavelengths
24IM18NXT24High-Precision Electrical Impedance Tomography Data Acquisition System for Brain Imaging
25IM18NXT25A Micro EIT Sensor for Real-Time and Non-Destructive 3-D Cultivated Cell Imaging
1CC18NXT01Consumer Electronics Society Publications [Publications Round-Up]
2CC18NXT02Two-Stage Cloud Service Optimisation Model For Cloud Service Middleware Platform
3CC18NXT03Dynamic Pricing Based On A Cloud Computing Framework To Support The Integration Of Renewable Energy Sources
4CC18NXT04Inter-Domain Optimization And Orchestration For Optical Datacenter Networks
5CC18NXT05Shot Change and Stuck Pixel Detection of Digital Video Assets
6CC18NXT06Privacy Protection Smartcard Authentication Scheme in Cloud Computing
7CC18NXT07High-Sensitive Smartphone-Based Raman System Based on Cloud Network Architecture
8CC18NXT08SMDP-Based Coordinated Virtual Machine Allocations in Cloud-Fog Computing Systems
9CC18NXT09Profit Maximization Mechanism and Data Management for Data Analytics Services
10CC18NXT10Development of IoT-Based Impedometric Biosensor for Point-of-Care Monitoring of Bone Loss
11CC18NXT11E-CLOUD, the open microgrid in existing network infrastructure
12CC18NXT12Very short-term prediction model for photovoltaic power based on improving the total sky cloud image recognition
13CC18NXT13Cloud-RAN Modeling Based on Parallel Processing
14CC18NXT14Autonomous Network And It Resource Management For Geographically Distributed Data Centers
15CC18NXT15Fog Assisted-IoT Enabled Patient Health Monitoring in Smart Homes
16CC18NXT16Low-latency high-efficiency mobile fronthaul with TDM-PON (mobile-PON)
17CC18NXT17Multistage Signaling Game-Based Optimal Detection Strategies for Suppressing Malware Diffusion in Fog-Cloud-Based IoT Networks
18CC18NXT18A Performance-Oriented Monitoring System for Security Properties in Cloud Computing Applications
19CC18NXT19DPPACS: A Novel Data Partitioning and Placement Aware Computation Scheduling Scheme for Data-Intensive Cloud Applications
20CC18NXT20A User-Based Early Warning Service Management Framework in Cloud Computing
21CC18NXT21A Multidimension Taxonomy of Insider Threats in Cloud Computing
22CC18NXT22Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environments Based on Integer Linear Programming
23CC18NXT23Virtual Network Mapping in Cloud Computing: A Graph Pattern Matching Approach
24CC18NXT24Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing
25CC18NXT25Taxonomy for Trust Models in Cloud Computing
1MC18NXT01Security And Privacy For Group Data Sharing Mobile Computing Environment
2MC18NXT02Mobile Computing Framework for Student Engagement System in Ethiopian Higher Educational Institution
3MC18NXT03Improve Client Performance In Client Server Mobile Computing System Using Cache Replacement Technique
4MC18NXT04An Efficient and Secure Data Storage Operations in Mobile Cloud Computing
5MC18NXT05Achieving an Effective Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing
6MC18NXT06Multi-task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Energy Efficiency in Mobile Edge Computing
7MC18NXT07Parallel computing and parallel programming models: application in digital image processing on mobile systems and personal mobile devices
8MC18NXT08Mobile Edge Computing For Massive Information Processing
9MC18NXT09Decentralized Mobile Cloud Computing using 5G Networks
10MC18NXT10A Truthful Online Mechanism for Location-Aware Tasks in Mobile Crowd Sensing
11MC18NXT11An Acoustic-Based Encounter Profiling System
12MC18NXT12Autonomous Training of Activity Recognition Algorithms in Mobile Sensors: A Transfer Learning Approach in Context-Invariant Views
13MC18NXT13Cooperative Edge Caching in User-Centric Clustered Mobile Networks
14MC18NXT14Enabling Phased Array Signal Processing for Mobile WiFi Devices
15MC18NXT15Evidence-Aware Mobile Computational Offloading
16MC18NXT16Leveraging Smartphones for Vehicle Lane-Level Localization on Highways
17MC18NXT17Node-Based Service-Balanced Scheduling for Provably Guaranteed Throughput and Evacuation Time Performance
18MC18NXT18Social Learning Based Inference for Crowdsensing in Mobile Social Networks
19MC18NXT19Hierarchical Cooperative Discovery of Personal Places from Location Traces
20MC18NXT20Leveraging Information Asymmetry to Transform Android Apps into Self-Defending Code Against Repackaging Attacks
21MC18NXT21Privacy And Security Issues In Mobile Cloud Computing
22MC18NXT22A Framework For Secure Mobile Cloud Computing In Effective Electronic Learning
23MC18NXT23Decentralized Scheduling for Offloading of Periodic Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing
24MC18NXT24Service models in mobile cloud computing
25MC18NXT25Mobile social cloud computing: open challenges
1NS18NXT01Self-Adaptive Scheduling of Base Transceiver Stations in Green 5G Networks
2NS18NXT02Recent challenges, trends, and concerns related to IOT security: An evolutionary study
3NS18NXT03Physical-layer Security for Indoor Visible Light Communications: Secrecy Capacity Analysis
4NS18NXT04Recent challenges, trends, and concerns related to IOT security: An evolutionary study
5NS18NXT05V2X Access Technologies: Regulation, Research, and Remaining Challenges
6NS18NXT06A cm-scale self-powered intelligent and secure IOT edge mote featuring an ultra-low-power SoC in 14nm tri-gate CMOS
7NS18NXT07Analyzing Locally Coordinated Cyber-Physical Attacks for Undetectable Line Outages
8NS18NXT08WSN based alter system to save life in mines with high security system
9NS18NXT09Socially Aware Caching Strategy in Device-to-Device Communication Networks
10NS18NXT10Deep learning NATO document labels: A preliminary investigation
11NS18NXT11Parameter-Invariant Monitor Design for Cyber Physical Systems
12NS18NXT12A Comprehensive Trustworthy Data Collection Approach in Sensor-Cloud System
13NS18NXT13Exploiting Time and Subject Locality for Fast, Efficient, and Understandable Alert Triage
14NS18NXT14On Bootstrapping In-Band Control Channels in Software Defined Networks
15NS18NXT15Synchronization Control of Memristive Multidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks and Applications in Network Security Communication
16NS18NXT16Distributed learning algorithms for coordination in a cognitive network in presence of jammers
17NS18NXT17Potential Malicious Insiders Detection Based on a Comprehensive Security Psychological Model
18NS18NXT18An energy-efficient reconfigurable DTLS cryptographic engine for End-to-End security in IOT Applications
19NS18NXT19An Intra-Slice Security Solution for Emerging 5G Networks Based on Pseudo-Random Number Generators
20NS18NXT20Practices and usages of the cloud computing as a solution to rise to the challenge of the digitalization of Moroccan companies
21NS18NXT21Secure Attribute-Based Signature Scheme With Multiple Authorities for Blockchain in Electronic Health Records Systems
22NS18NXT22The detection of the spectrum sensing data falsification attack in cognitive radio ad hoc networks
23NS18NXT23Network Topology Effects on the Detectability of Crossfire Attacks
24NS18NXT24Adaptive hybrid circuit for enhanced echo cancellation in full duplex PLC
25NS18NXT25Full-Duplex Relaying for D2D Communication in Millimeter Wave-based 5G Networks
1SE18NXT01Isolated soft-switched boost DC–DC converter with low-voltage stress and high step-up ratio
2SE18NXT02NetworkAI: An Intelligent Network Architecture for Self-Learning Control Strategies in Software Defined Networks
3SE18NXT03Model-Based Interoperability IoT Hub for the Supervision of Smart Gas Distribution Networks
4SE18NXT04Ideal Lattice-Based Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Mobile Devices
5SE18NXT05A Review of Applications of Image Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques in Automated Diagnosis and Classification of Cervical Cancer from Pap-smear Images
6SE18NXT06Range-based Localization for Sparse 3D Sensor Networks
7SE18NXT07Toward Full Virtualization of the Network Topology
8SE18NXT08Voice Activated Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Using Off the Shelf Home Automation Hardware
9SE18NXT09A secure image steganography algorithm based on least significant bit and integer wavelet transform
10SE18NXT10Unsupervised Learning For Cell-level Visual Representation with Generative Adversarial Networks
11SE18NXT11Pansharpening for Multiband Images With Adaptive Spectral–Intensity Modulation
12SE18NXT12RBD Model-Based Approach for Reliability Assessment in Complex Systems
13SE18NXT13Design and Analysis of MEMS Pressure Transmitter using Mach Zehnder Interferometer and Artificial Neural Networks
14SE18NXT14Aerial Camera Network for Observing Moving Targets
15SE18NXT15DeepCaustics: Classification and Removal of Caustics From Underwater Imagery
16SE18NXT16SAMS: A Seamless and Authorized Multimedia Streaming framework for WMSN-based IoMT
17SE18NXT17High-Speed Cross-Correlation for Spectrum Sensing and Direction Finding of Time-Varying Signals
18SE18NXT18Securing the Internet of Things in the Age of Machine Learning and Software-defined Networking
19SE18NXT19Automatic Classification of Fetal Heart Rate Based on Convolutional Neural Network
20SE18NXT20Cooperative Privacy Preservation for Wearable Devices in Hybrid Computing Based Smart Health
21SE18NXT21Two Time-Scale Resource Management for Green Internet of Things Networks
22SE18NXT22Software-Defined Optoelectronics: Space and Frequency Diversity in Heterodyne Interferometry
23SE18NXT23Design of a Hybrid RF Fingerprint Extraction and Device Classification Scheme
24SE18NXT24Weak GPS signal acquisition method based on DBZP
25SE18NXT25Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning for Cognitive Satellite Communications Using Deep Neural Network Ensembles
1PDP18NXT01A New Execution Model for Improving Performance and Flexibility of CAPE
2PDP18NXT02Utilizing Heterogeneous Memory Hierarchies in the PGAS Model
3PDP18NXT03A Unified Programming Model for Time- and Data-Driven Embedded Applications
4PDP18NXT04Leveraging Compute Clusters for Large-Scale Parametric Screens of Reaction-Diffusion Systems
5PDP18NXT05Efficient NAS Benchmark Kernels with C++ Parallel Programming
6PDP18NXT06A Hybrid Parallel Implementation for the Maximum Flow Problem
7PDP18NXT07Scalable Mapping of Streaming Applications onto MPSoCs Using Optimistic Mixed Integer Linear Programming
8PDP18NXT08A Portable Multidimensional Coarray for C++
9PDP18NXT09GPU-Powered Multi-Swarm Parameter Estimation of Biological Systems: A Master-Slave Approach
10PDP18NXT10CudaPre2D: A Straightforward Preprocessing Approach for Accelerating 2D Convex Hull Computations on the GPU
11PDP18NXT11Energy-Efficient Actor Execution for SDF Application on Heterogeneous Architectures
12PDP18NXT12Distributed Heuristics for Optimizing Cohesive Groups: A Support for Clinical Patient Engagement in Social Network Analysis
13PDP18NXT13A Dynamic Multi-Core Multicast Approach for Delay and Delay Variation Multicast Routing
14PDP18NXT14SAWS: Simple and Adaptive Warp Scheduling for Improved Performance in Throughput Processors
15PDP18NXT15Structured Grid-Based Parallel Simulation of a Simple DEM Model on Heterogeneous Systems
16PDP18NXT16Parallelization of Security Event Correlation Based on Accounting of Event Type Links
17PDP18NXT17Analysis of the Impact Factors on Data Error Propagation in HPC Applications
18PDP18NXT18A Parallel Implementation of WAND on GPUs
19PDP18NXT19Evaluation of Parallel Tempering to Accelerate Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology
20PDP18NXT20Distributed Caching in Wireless Cellular Networks Incorporating Parallel Processing
21PDP18NXT21DuoFS: A Hybrid Storage System Balancing Energy-Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance
22PDP18NXT22TITLE: Data-Layout Reorganization for an Efficient Intra-Node Assembly of a Spectral Finite-Element Method
23PDP18NXT23Low-Power Storage Bricks and Bioinformatics on Systems-On-Chip
24PDP18NXT24TMbarrier: Speculative Barriers Using Hardware Transactional Memory
25PDP18NXT25Improving Communication and Load Balancing with Thread Mapping in Manycore Systems
1DM18NXT01,Parallel Primitives For Vendor-Agnostic Implementation Of Big Data Mining Algorithms,
2DM18NXT02Fault Detection For Semiconductor Quality Control Based On Spark Using Data Mining Technology
3DM18NXT03A Systematic Mapping Study Of Educational Technologies Based On Educational Data Mining And Learning Analytics
4DM18NXT04Classification Of Refractive Disorders From Electrooculogram (Eog) Signals By Using Data Mining Techniques
5DM18NXT05Process Mining In Logistics: The Need For Rule-Based Data Abstraction Prediction Of Alcohol Consumption Among Portuguese Secondary School
6DM18NXT06Students: A Data Mining Approach
7DM18NXT07Energy Evaluation And Prediction System Based On Data Mining
8DM18NXT08Importance Of Data Pre-Processing In Credit Scoring Models Based On Data Mining Approaches
9DM18NXT09A Data Mining Approach For Forecasting Students Performance
10DM18NXT10Use Of Data Mining In Crop Yield Prediction
11DM18NXT11Detection Of Commercial Losses In Electric Power Distribution Systems Using Data Mining Techniques
12DM18NXT12Higher Education Student Dropout Prediction And Analysis Through Educational Data Mining
13DM18NXT13A Guideline To Determine The Training Sample Size When Applying Big Data Mining Methods In Clinical Decision Making
14DM18NXT14Developing A Decision Support System (Dss) For A Dental Manufacturing Production Line Based On Data Mining
15DM18NXT15Classification Of A Bank Data Set On Various Data Mining Platforms
16DM18NXT16Predicting Crop Diseases Using Data Mining Approaches: Classification
17DM18NXT17Exploring Colorectal Cancer Genes Through Data Mining Techniques
18DM18NXT18Simulation Research For Telecommunication Data Mining Based On Mobile Information Node
19DM18NXT19Combining Web Data Extraction And Data Mining Techniques To Discover Knowledge
20DM18NXT20A Brief Analysis Of The Key Technologies And Applications Of Educational Data Mining On Online Learning Platform
21DM18NXT21Hybrid model for renewable energy and loads prediction based on data mining and variational mode decomposition
22DM18NXT22Using Data Mining to Predict Hospital Admissions From the Emergency Department
23DM18NXT23Detection and classification of islanding and power quality disturbances in microgrid using hybrid signal processing and data mining techniques
24DM18NXT24Data mining for cataclysmic variables in the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope archive
25DM18NXT25Traffic Density Prediction with Time-Related Data Mining using Genetic Network Programming