DOTNET is a software framework which helps in creating the best applications which runs on windows, Linux, Mac OS X with the development environment called visual studio. Our Dot net projects are developed with frontend as and backend as SQL server. Web applications will be colorful with the help of CSS, JS, and Bootstrap etc. Websites are made attractive when they are styled well. We also help you to fetch knowledge in designing. Database is the major element where we can store collection of data and their values. Here we use SQL server as a backend to store data which is more efficient and user-friendly. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and Software to run the project. For projects we install you visual studio, SQL management server for database etc.We, the Nxtlogic provide you the best final year academic projects with the clear cut project explanation and demo. We guide you in implement your own ideas with the references from base papers. We provide you the best academic projects in various domains such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Forensics And Information Security, Digital Image Processing, Knowledge And Data Engineering, Mobile Computing, Networking /Network Security/ Iot – Java Titles, Web Mining, Web Server, Distributed NETWORK Here we listed out latest IEEE-2017 ideas in all the above domains so that you can make use of it.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
1BD17NXT01Practical Privacy-Preserving MapReduce Based K-means Clustering over Large-scale Dataset
2BD17NXT02Question Quality Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services with Coupled Mutual Reinforcement
3BD17NXT03Efficient Recommendation of De-identification Policies using MapReduce
4BD17NXT04Attribute Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud
5BD17NXT05Achieving Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Cross-Domain Big Data Deduplication in Cloud
6BD17NXT06Privacy-Preserving Data Encryption Strategy for Big Data in Mobile Cloud Computing
7BD17NXT07Secure k-NN Query on Encrypted Cloud Data with Multiple Keys
8BD17NXT08SVM-based web content mining with leaf classification unit from DOM-tree
9BD17NXT09A new temperature correction algorithm for FAA engine cooling tests
10BD17NXT10Study on extracting implicit patterns of patent data based on timeline
1CC17NXT01Minimum-Cost Cloud Storage Service across Multiple Cloud Providers
2CC17NXT02Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing
3CC17NXT03A Collaborative Key Management Protocol in Ciphertext Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Cloud Data Sharing
4CC17NXT04Efficient Public Verification of Data Integrity for Cloud Storage Systems from IndistinguishabilityObfuscation Public Cloud
5CC17NXT05A critical overview of latest challenges and solutions of Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
6CC17NXT06Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud
7CC17NXT07An Economical and SLO-Guaranteed Cloud Storage Service across Multiple Cloud Service Providers
8CC17NXT08Evaluating the accessibility, usability and security of Hospitals websites: An exploratory study Computing System
9CC17NXT09Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data
10CC17NXT10Fast Phrase Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage
11CC17NXT11Power Consumption-Aware Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Data Center
12CC17NXT12TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud
13CC17NXT13Multitenant Access Control for Cloud-Aware Distributed Filesystems
14CC17NXT14Corporation Architecture for Multiple Cloud Service Providers in JointCloud Computing
15CC17NXT15An Improved Straggler Identification Scheme for Data-Intensive Computing on Cloud Platforms
1DM17NXT01Data Mining with Big Data
2DM17NXT02Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines
3DM17NXT03Crowdsourced Coverage as a Service: Two-Level Composition of Sensor Cloud Services
4DM17NXT04Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback
5DM17NXT05Local Suppression and Splitting Techniques for Privacy Preserving Publication of Trajectories
6DM17NXT06Mining the Most Influential k-Location Set From Massive Trajectories
7DM17NXT07Energy-Efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines
8DM17NXT08Topological Approach to Symbolic Pole-Zero Extraction Incorporating Design Knowledge
9DM17NXT09Novelty Indicator for Enhanced Prioritization of Predicted Gene Ontology Annotations
10DM17NXT10Learning Multi-instance Deep Discriminative Patterns for Image Classification
1FIS17NXT01A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in Cloud Storage
2FIS17NXT02A Cross Tenant Access Control (CTAC) Model for Cloud Computing: Formal Specification and Verification
3FIS17NXT03RAAC: Robust and Auditable Access Control with Multiple Attribute Authorities for Public Cloud Storage
4FIS17NXT04Identity-Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds
5FIS17NXT05Light-weight and Robust Security-Aware D2D-assist Data Transmission Protocol for Mobile-Health Systems
6FIS17NXT06FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data
7FIS17NXT07Fuzzy Identity-Based Data Integrity Auditing for Reliable Cloud Storage Systems
8FIS17NXT08PROVEST: Provenance-based Trust Model for Delay Tolerant Networks
9FIS17NXT09GeTrust: A guarantee-based trust model in Chord-based P2P networks
10FIS17NXT10Secure and Private Data Aggregation for Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grids
11FIS17NXT11TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control on Time-Sensitive Data in Public Cloud
12FIS17NXT12Resource renting for periodical cloud workflow applications
13FIS17NXT13Assessing the Feasibility of the Use of Video Motion Magnification for Measuring Microdisplacements
14FIS17NXT14 High-Fidelity Reversible Data Hiding Using Directionally-Enclosed Prediction Modulation
15FIS17NXT15 A Hierarchical Detection and Response System to Enhance Security against Lethal Cyber-Attacks in UAV Networks
1IP17NXT01Robust Non-rigid Point Set Registration Using Spatially Constrained Gaussian Fields
2IP17NXT02Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for High-Density 3D Single-Molecule Microscopy Variation
3IP17NXT03Single-View 3D Scene Reconstruction and Parsing by attribute Grammar
4IP17NXT04Mixture of Gaussian Blur Kernel Representation for Blind Image Restoration
5IP17NXT05A Locality Sensitive Low-Rank Model for Image Tag Completion
6IP17NXT06A Scalable Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks
7IP17NXT07Learning of Multimodal Representations with Random Walks on the Click Graph
8IP17NXT08Online Multi-Modal Distance Metric Learning with Application to Image Retrieval
9IP17NXT09Tag Based Image Search by Social Re-ranking
10IP17NXT10A Security-Enhanced Alignment-Free Fuzzy Vault-Based Fingerprint Cryptosystem Using Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures
1KD17NXT01Bring Order into the Samples: A Novel Scalable Method for Influence Maximization
2KD17NXT02Filtering out Infrequent Behavior from Business Process Event Logs
3KD17NXT03Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams
4KD17NXT04Privacy Protection based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-based Services
5KD17NXT05Title: Temporal Task Scheduling With Constrained Service Delay For Profit Maximization In Hybrid Clouds
6KD17NXT06Explaining Missing Answers to Top-k SQL Queries
7KDH17NXT07An Ensemble Approach to Link Prediction
8KD17NXT08Generating Query Facets using Knowledge Bases
9KD17NXT09Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play
10KD17NXT10PPRank: Economically Selecting Initial Users for Influence Maximization in Social Networks
1MC17NXT01Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest
2MC17NXT02Knowledge-Enhanced Mobile Video Broadcasting (KMV-Cast) Framework with Cloud Support
3MC17NXT03A Classroom Scheduling Service for Smart Classes
4MC17NXT04Efficient and Privacy-preserving Min and k-th Min Computations in Mobile Sensing Systems
5MC17NXT05ShakeIn: Secure User Authentication of Smartphones with Habitual Single-handed Shakes
6MC17NXT06QoS-Aware Video Transmission Over Hybrid Wireless Network for Connected Vehicles
7MC17NXT07A data protection model for fog computing
8MC17NXT08Privacy preserving queries for LBS: Hash function secured (HFS)
9MC17NXT09Provably Secure Dynamic ID-Based Anonymous Two-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol With Extended Security Model
10MC17NXT10Privacy-Preserving User-Auditable Pseudonym Systems
1NP17NXT01A Secure and Efficient ID-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
2NP17NXT02Achieve Secure Handover Session Key Management via Mobile Relay in LTE-Advanced networks.
3NP17NXT03Robust Relay Selection for Large-Scale Energy-Harvesting IoT Networks
4NP17NXT04Privacy-Preserving Ride Sharing Scheme for Autonomous Vehicles in Big Data Era
5NP17NXT05A Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Framework for Smart Grid
6NP17NXT06Optimal Power Allocation and Scheduling Under Jamming Attacks Networking
7NP17NXT07High Throughput Opportunistic Cooperative Device-to-Device Communications withCaching
8NP17NXT08A Coalition Formation Game for Distributed Node Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks taxonomy
9NP17NXT09Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks
10NP17NXT10Energy Arrival-aware Detection Threshold in Wireless-Powered Cognitive Radio Networks
11NP17NXT11Consensus of Multiagent Systems Subject to Partially Accessible and Overlapping Markovian Network Topologies radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks
12NP17NXT12DTD: A Novel Double-Track Approach to Clone Detection for RFID-enabled Supply Chains Networks
13NP17NXT13A Novel Approximation for Multi-Hop Connected Clustering Problem in Wireless Networks
14NP17NXT14Reliable and Secure End-to-End Data Aggregation Using Secret Sharing in WSNs Networks
15NP17NXT15Near Optimal Data Gathering in Rechargeable Sensor Networks with a Mobile Sink
16NP17NXT16Real-Time Distributed Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Security Constrained DC-OPF Security
17NP17NXT17On the Security of a Class of Diffusion Mechanisms for Image Encryption Risk
18NP17NXT18Location Privacy Preservation in Database-driven Wireless Cognitive Networks through Encrypted Probabilistic Data Structures
19NP17NXT19FACT :A Framework for Authentication in Cloud-based IP Traceback
20NP17NXT20Health data integration with Secured Record Linkage: A practical solution for Bangladesh and other developing countries
1WM17NXT01Opinion Dynamics-Based Group Recommender Systems blogging Information
2WM17NXT02Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback
3WM17NXT03Joint Feature Selection and Classification for MultilabelLearning
4WM17NXT04Identifying Objective and Subjective Words via Topic Modeling
5WM17NXT05Learning Supervised Topic Models for Classification and Regression from Crowds Classification
6WM17NXT06Two-Stage Friend Recommendation Based on Network Alignment and Series-Expansion of Probabilistic Topic Model
7WM17NXT07Multiple Instance Learning for Behavioral Coding
8WM17NXT08Analyzing Sentiments in One Go: A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach
9WM17NXT09Analysis of users behaviour in structured e-commerce websites
10WM17NXT10Using Semantic Similarity in Crawling-based Web Application Testing
1WS17NXT01Online QoS Prediction for Runtime Service Adaptation via Adaptive Matrix Factorization Network Map
2WS17NXT02Two-factor Data Access Control with Efficient Revocation for Multi-authority Cloud Storage Systems Services
3WS17NXT03Monitoring Elastically Adaptive Multi-Cloud Services
4WS17NXT04FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data Encrypted Cloud Data
5WS17NXT05An Overview on XML Semantic Disambiguation from Unstructured Text to Semi-Structured Data: Background, Applications, and Ongoing Challenges Testing
1DN17NXT01Shaping LDLC Lattices Using Convolutional Code Lattices
2DN17NXT02Performance Analysis of RCI Precoding with Pilot Contamination in Finite Massive MIMO System
3DN17NXT03Scheduling and Power Allocation for Hybrid Access Cognitive Femtocells Femtocell Networks
4DN17NXT04Coded Caching for Multi-level Popularity and Access Delivery Networks
5DS17NXT05Energy-Aware Concurrent Multipath Transfer for Real-Time Video Streaming over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Heterogeneous Wireless Networks