Embedded System indented to serve real time applications that process data as it comes in without buffer delays. It comprises of time constraints in order to complete the process within that defined constraints. Nxtlogic provides the best embedded projects which will be explained to you in detail. We develop the best projects with HI-TECH C. We provide Embedded System projects such as ATMEL 8051 MICROCONTROLLER, PIC MICROCONTROLLER etc. We train you to develop a unique and best project with kit. We guide you in processing your ideas in real time and widen your knowledge. We create you a better platform in order to inculcate the skills in you. You never know in which you are good at unless you implement your ideas by improving your learning skill. We provide full support for configuring required components with working condition to run the project and also some additional tools if necessary. Our expert will explain you about the project and will show you full demo of the project. We help you to implement your dreams. Here some of the sample ideas below which you may take to next level.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
Bio-Medical Projects
1EMB01NXTHome Health Care Device
2EMB02NXTPatient Monitoring System
3EMB03NXTEEG Monitor
4EMB04NXTEMG Monitor
5EMB05NXTECG Monitor
6EMB06NXTPatient Monitor Through OFC
7EMB07NXTDigital Heartbeat Monitor
8EMB08NXTBio Medical Health Card
9EMB09NXTHeart Pulse Monitoring Using OFC
10EMB10NXTHospital Networking
11EMB11NXTSMS Based Patient Monitoring System
12EMB12NXTRespiration and Pulse Rate Monitor
13EMB13NXTHeart Pulse Monitor Through Telephone Line
14EMB14NXTElderly People Home Health Care Monitoring and System
15EMB15NXTMedicine Reminder
1EMB16NXTOnline Vehicle Tracking with GPS & GPRS
2EMB17NXTGSM Mobile Phone Based Automobile Security System
3EMB18NXTSMS Based universal Motor Speed Control
4EMB19NXTSMS Based DC Motor Speed Control
5EMB20NXTSMS Based Single Phase Induction Motor Controller
6EMB21NXTSMS Based 3 Phase Induction Motor Controller
7EMB22NXTSMS Based Security System
8EMB23NXTSMS Based Industrial Controller
9EMB24NXTCall Based Home Appliance Controller
10EMB25NXTAutomatic Taxi Trip Sensing & Indicating System Through GSM
11EMB26NXTRemote Control of Industrial Machines Based on GSM Technology
12EMB27NXTMine Detection for Defence Using GSM
13EMB28NXTRailway Security Management System Using GSM
14EMB29NXTSMS Based Industrial Disaster Intimation System
15EMB30NXTSecurity Breach Information Unauthorized Entry Based on Mobile Technique
16EMB31NXTIndustrial Furnace Monitor System Using Mobile System
17EMB32NXTSMS Based Banking Security System
18EMB33NXTEngine Monitoring Through Mobile Phone
19EMB34NXTMobile Based Voting Machine
20EMB35NXTSMS Based Electricity Bill
21EMB36NXTRailway Accident Monitoring System
22EMB37NXTVideo Surveillance Recorder
23EMB38NXTSMS Based Weather Reporter
24EMB39NXTRemote Sales Terminal Networking
25EMB40NXTGSM and GPS Interface for Human Tracking System
26EMB41NXTData Acquisition System with GSM Modem
27EMB42NXTAccident Identifier With Auto Dialler
28EMB43NXTBank Security System with Auto Dialler
29EMB44NXTSMS Based Printer
30EMB45NXTSMS Based Home Security System
31EMB46NXTBank Security System with Auto Dialler and Camera Recording System
32EMB47NXTCoin Based SMS Sender & Mobile Phone Charger
33EMB48NXTLocker Security System with SMS Informer
34EMB49NXTSMS Base Home Appliance Control using Microcontroller
35EMB50NXTSMS Based Water Tank Control
1EMB51NXTAutomation Brick Making Machine
2EMB52NXTAutomation of Dying Industry
3EMB53NXTProximity Calibration Unit
4EMB54NXTPlant Humidification for Textile Industries
5EMB55NXTPlant Humidification for Agricultural Land
6EMB56NXTRing Frame Controller for Textile Industries
7EMB57NXTAutomatic Power loom Controller
8EMB58NXTIndustrial Monitor
9EMB59NXTInjection Moulding Machine controller
10EMB60NXTHairiness Tester
11EMB61NXTIndustrial Security System
12EMB62NXTDesign of Irrigation Controller for Garden
13EMB63NXTEnergy Meter With Ukg Monitor for Textile Industries
14EMB64NXTFilm Roll Cutter
15EMB65NXTAutomatic Control System for Rubber Industries
16EMB66NXTAdvanced Automatic Load Sharer for Transformers
17EMB67NXTAudio & Video Transmission Through Power Line
18EMB68NXTAutomation Industry
19EMB69NXTYarn Thickness and Breakage Controller
20EMB70NXTCashew Nut Quality Inspection System
21EMB71NXTIndustrial Process Monitoring Control
22EMB72NXTIndustrial Production System
23EMB73NXTIndustrial Timer
24EMB74NXTIndustrial Trolley
25EMB75NXTIndustry Safety Monitor & Control
26EMB76NXTInternet Based Industry Monitor & Control
27EMB77NXTLimb load monitor
28EMB78NXTMotor Over Heat Preventer
29EMB79NXTMotor Protection System
30EMB80NXTProximity Calibration Unit
31EMB81NXTQuality Checker
32EMB82NXTRing Frame Controller for Textile Industries
33EMB83NXTSCADA for Industrial Monitor and Control
35EMB85NXTSecurity System for Industries
1EMB86NXTArbiter Wave Form Generator
2EMB87NXTAutomatic Drilling Machine
3EMB88NXTAutomatic Online Machine Control System by Using TCP-IP
4EMB89NXTBraille System
5EMB90NXTCan Bus Interfacing
6EMB91NXTCard Locking System
7EMB92NXTCNC Controlled Drilling Machine
8EMB93NXTCNC Controlled Lathe Machine
9EMB94NXTDCS Implementation
10EMB95NXTFinger Print Sensor Interfacing
11EMB96NXTHome Security System Using Bluetooth
12EMB97NXTIntelligent Fire Monitor Using Blue Tooth Technology
13EMB98NXTIntelligent Illumination Control
14EMB99NXTIVRS Based Gas Booking
15EMB100NXTLin Protocol Implementation
16EMB101NXTMail Transfer System
17EMB102NXTNetwork Vending Machine
18EMB103NXTPc Based Announcement System
19EMB104NXTPc Based Ac Controller
20EMB105NXTPc Based Data Acquisition System
21EMB106NXTPc Based Data Logger
22EMB107NXTPc Based ECG Analysis
23EMB108NXTPc Based Energy Meter
24EMB109NXTPc Based Function Generator
25EMB110NXTPc Based Home Appliance Controller
26EMB111NXTPc Based Home Automation
27EMB112NXTPc Based Impedance Relay Control
28EMB113NXTPc Based Industrial Monitor and Control
29EMB114NXTPc Based Industrial Protection System
30EMB115NXTPc Based Motor Tester
31EMB116NXTPc Based Online Fault Identification
32EMB117NXTPc Based Online Industrial Monitor
33EMB118NXTPc Based Phase Noise Measurement
34EMB119NXTPc Based Process Control System
35EMB120NXTPc Based Programmer
36EMB121NXTPc Based Servo Motor Direction and Speed Control
37EMB122NXTPc Based Soft Stator
38EMB123NXTPc Based Speed Control of Dc Shunt Motor
39EMB124NXTPc Based Speed Control of PMDC Motor
40EMB125NXTPc Based Stepper Motor Direction and Speed Control
41EMB126NXTPc Based Temperature and ECG Monitoring
42EMB127NXTPc Based Temperature Controller
43EMB128NXTPc Based Voice Operated Home Appliance Ctrl
44EMB129NXTPc Based Voice Recognition and Control
45EMB130NXTPc To Pc Communication Through IR
46EMB131NXTPc To Pc Communication Through Laser
47EMB132NXTPc To Pc Communication Through Optical Fibre Cable
48EMB133NXTPc To Pc Communication Through Telephone
49EMB134NXTRecognize Based Door Open and Close
50EMB135NXTRemote Data Acquisition System
51EMB136NXTSCADA Implementation
52EMB137NXTSecurity System Using Blue Tooth
53EMB138NXTSmart Networking
54EMB139NXTSpeech Controller System Command Operation
55EMB140NXTSpeech Recognition and Control System
56EMB141NXTSpeed Control of Dc Motor
57EMB142NXTStudent Mark Announcement System
58EMB143NXTSupervisory Controller
59EMB144NXTToken Display With Internet Connectivity for Banks
60EMB145NXTVoice Controlled Dialler
61EMB146NXTVoice Operated Motor Controller
62EMB147NXTWeb Camera Positioning
63EMB148NXTWeb Enable Electronic Component Vending Machine
64EMB149NXTWeighing Balance Analyzer
65EMB150NXTWindmill Monitoring Using Internet
1EMB151NXTAlcohol Sensing Robot
2EMB152NXTAutomatic Path Finder
3EMB153NXTAutomatic Rescuer Robot for Earth Quake Area
4EMB154NXTAutomatic Welding Robot
5EMB155NXTBomb Detecting Robot
6EMB156NXTColour Sensing Robot
7EMB157NXTComputer Controlled Wireless Robot
8EMB158NXTComputer Controlled Wireless Robot With Wireless Camera
9EMB159NXTCrack Sensing Robot
10EMB160NXTEnvironmental Monitoring With Mobile Robot
11EMB161NXTFire Fighter Robot
12EMB162NXTFire Fighter Robot
13EMB163NXTGas Detecting Robot
14EMB164NXTGround Nut Harvester
15EMB165NXTHome Security Robot
16EMB166NXTHouse Cleaning Robot
17EMB167NXTIndustrial Robot
18EMB168NXTInfrared Remote Controlled Robot
19EMB169NXTIntelligent Robot
20EMB170NXTInternet Controlled Robot
21EMB171NXTLaser Controlled Robot
22EMB172NXTLine Following Robot
23EMB173NXTMaze Solving Robot
24EMB174NXTMovable Pick AND Place Robot
25EMB175NXTNeural Network Controlled Robot
26EMB176NXTObject Sensing Pick and Place Robot
27EMB177NXTPlant Water Splashing Robot
28EMB178NXTPollution Monitoring Robot
29EMB179NXTPower Line Controlled Robot
30EMB180NXTRacing Robot
31EMB181NXTRemote Control Land Rover
32EMB182NXTRemote Control Path Finder
33EMB183NXTRemote Controlled Robot
34EMB184NXTRobot for Medical Application
35EMB185NXTRobot for Military Applications
36EMB186NXTRobot for Mining Applications
37EMB187NXTRobot With Crane System
38EMB188NXTRobot With Sonar System
39EMB189NXTRobotic Arm
40EMB190NXTSeed Sprayer
41EMB191NXTSensor Fusion for Mining Robot
42EMB192NXTSmoke Detecting Robot
43EMB193NXTSMS Controlled Robot
44EMB194NXTSolar Operated Robot
45EMB195NXTSpeech Control Robot
46EMB196NXTStationary Pick and Place Robot
47EMB197NXTTelephone Operated Pick and Place Robot
48EMB198NXTTracer With Camera
49EMB199NXTUltrasonic Radar Based Robot
50EMB200NXTVoice Tele Operated Robot
1EMB201NXTAccident Identification System Using GPS
2EMB202NXTAudio Signal Transmitter
3EMB203NXTAutomatic Tuning System
4EMB204NXTGPS Based Wireless Tracking System
5EMB205NXTGPS Interface With RF Transmitter
6EMB206NXTIntelligent Wireless Controller for Oil Wells
7EMB207NXTLong Range Contactless Id System
8EMB208NXTNeural Network Based Secured Communication
9EMB209NXTPc To Pc Wireless Communication
10EMB210NXTRailway Anti Collusion Using GPS
11EMB211NXTRemote Controlled Electronic Watch Dog
12EMB212NXTRemote Controlled Movable Crane
13EMB213NXTRemote Industrial Security
14EMB214NXTRF Based Automatic Speed Limiter for Vehicles
15EMB215NXTRF Based Remote Control of Ac
16EMB216NXTRF Based Scrolling Display
17EMB217NXTSimple Radar Communication
18EMB218NXTVehicle Tracking System
19EMB219NXTVideo Conferencing
20EMB220NXTVoice Recognition and Control System
21EMB221NXTWireless Video Conferencing
22EMB222NXTWireless Alternator Controller
23EMB223NXTWireless Alti Meter
24EMB224NXTWireless Attendance Recorder
25EMB225NXTWireless Audio Communication
26EMB226NXTWireless Audio, Video Transmission
27EMB227NXTWireless Braking, Jogging, Plugging, on, Off, Forward & Reverse
28EMB228NXTWireless Buck Indicator
29EMB229NXTWireless Code Lock
30EMB230NXTWireless Controlled Irrigation System
31EMB231NXTWireless Controlled Metal Detector
32EMB232NXTWireless Controller for Knitting Machine
33EMB233NXTWireless Controller for Textile Industries
34EMB234NXTWireless Curtain Controller
35EMB235NXTWireless Dancing Fountain
36EMB236NXTWireless Data Acquisition System
37EMB237NXTWireless Data Logger
38EMB238NXTWireless EB Billing
39EMB239NXTWireless Engine Monitoring
40EMB240NXTWireless Fire Monitor
41EMB241NXTWireless Generator Monitor
42EMB242NXTWireless Hospital Management System
43EMB243NXTWireless LAN
44EMB244NXTWireless Message Indicator for Train
45EMB245NXTWireless Monitor for Air Craft
46EMB246NXTWireless Motor Monitoring System
47EMB247NXTWireless Process Controller
48EMB248NXTWireless Robot To Robot Communication
49EMB249NXTWireless Security System
50EMB250NXTWireless Theft Indicator
51EMB251NXTWireless Toll Collection
52EMB252NXTWireless Traffic Light Controller
53EMB253NXTWireless Transformer Monitoring System
54EMB254NXTWireless Transmitter for Credit Card Reading
55EMB255NXTWireless Video Monitor and Control
56EMB256NXTWireless Water Level Controller
57EMB257NXTWireless Water Meter and Automatic Reader
58EMB258NXTWireless Weighing Analyzer for Weigh Bridge
59EMB259NXTWireless Windmill Controller
60EMB260NXTWireless Window Controller