JAVA is a computer based language which comprises of set of instructions with which we can create any sort of output. JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages in use. We train students from different branches such as BE (CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | E&I) , B.Tech (CSE | IT), ME, M.Tech, M.Sc (CS | SS | IT), MCA, B.Sc (CS | IT | CT). We inculcate the creative ideas into you which turn into an innovative application. We develop the best projects with front end as JAVA and backend as My-SQL server. Java application consists of four types Java applet, Application, JAR file, Servlet and Swing application etc. We train you in all the above types. Database is the main factor where we can store collection of data and their values. Here we use SQL server as a backend to store data which is more efficient and user-friendly. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and software to run the project. For JAVA projects we install you Eclipse, Netbeans etc and some additional tools if necessary. Our expert will explain you about the project and will show you full demo of the project. We guide you to explore your knowledge and skill in the development of your creative ideas. In-order to help you we listed out some of our ideas below,

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
Application Side Projects
1JAVA01NXTA Hybrid Solution for Agro Chemicals and Fertilizers
2JAVA02NXTAdvanced Inventory Management for Super Market
3JAVA03NXTAdvanced School Admission Enrolling Automation System
4JAVA04NXTAdvocate Office Automation Process
5JAVA05NXTAirline Flight Simulator for Optimizing Reservation System
6JAVA06NXTAn Agency-Client Dynamics in The Advertising Sector
7JAVA07NXTAutomated Sports Tournament Leagues
8JAVA08NXTAutomatic Testing of Phishing Attacks
9JAVA09NXTBuilding Construction and Cost Estimation Process
10JAVA10NXTBuying and Selling Cars in the Car-Showroom
11JAVA11NXTCall Centre Supports for Multi-Users
12JAVA12NXTCanteen Accounting System
13JAVA13NXTCatering Department Information and Analysis System
14JAVA14NXTCivil Supplies Automation Process
15JAVA15NXTClustering Technique for the Spatiotemporal Data
16JAVA16NXTCollege Information System and Data Integrity Maintenance
17JAVA17NXTCompany Information Tracking System
18JAVA18NXTCorporate Recruitment System
19JAVA19NXTCourse Guidance Information System
20JAVA20NXTCredit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model
21JAVA21NXTCredit Cards Application Processing System
22JAVA22NXTCrime Record Maintenance and Analysis
23JAVA23NXTCustomer Flexibility in Hotel and Catering Department
24JAVA24NXTDocument archival management system electronic archival design
25JAVA25NXTEmission System Component Inspection
26JAVA26NXTEnvironmental Condition Control in Apartment
27JAVA27NXTExamining The Role of Innovation Resource Planning Systems
28JAVA28NXTHospital Management System
29JAVA29NXTHR Management with Payroll Management System
30JAVA30NXTImproving Utilization of Infrastructure clouds
31JAVA31NXTIncome Tax Automation System
32JAVA32NXTIntegrated Cargo Security
33JAVA33NXTIntegrated Prefabricated Furniture System
34JAVA34NXTInter Group Communication of Cued Click Points
35JAVA35NXTInter Office Automation System
36JAVA36NXTLearner and Trainer Interface Network System
37JAVA37NXTLoan Issuing Management System
38JAVA38NXTMulti Bank Accounting System
39JAVA39NXTNational Identification Card System
40JAVA40NXTOrganization of Temple Corporations
41JAVA41NXTPensioner System Secured with Bio – Metric Sensors
42JAVA42NXTPerfect Career and Consultancy Service
43JAVA43NXTPetrol Bunk Fuel Transaction
44JAVA44NXTPrivate or Public Transport Enquiry System
45JAVA45NXTProcurement Method Computer Spare Part
46JAVA46NXTProduct Processing and Inspection System
47JAVA47NXTRelation Database and SPAM Detection
48JAVA48NXTShares and Stock Management System
49JAVA49NXTVertical Market Information Providing System
50JAVA50NXTWorkflow Scheduling System Based On Hybrid Algorithm QPSO