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S.NoProject CodeProject Title
1MAT18NXT01Segmentation of MRI Images for Brain Cancer Detection
2MAT18NXT02Automatic Renal Segmentation In Dce-Mri Using Convolutional Neural Networks
3MAT18NXT03Adaptive Screen Content Image Enhancement Strategy using Layer-based Segmentation
4MAT18NXT04A Novel Mra Framework Based On Integrated Global And Local Analysis For Accurate Segmentation Of The Cerebral Vascular System
5MAT18NXT05Multiscale image segmentation using normalized cuts in image recognition on satellite images
6MAT18NXT06Large Scale Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Region Competition and Gaussian Mixture Model
7MAT18NXT07Breast Lesion Segmentation Software For Dce-Mri: An Open Source Gpgpu Based Optimization
8MAT18NXT08Fast Automatic Segmentation of Cells and Nucleuses in Large-Scale Liquid-Based Monolayer Smear Images
9MAT18NXT09Model-dependent uncertainty estimation of medical image segmentation
10MAT18NXT10Deep contextual residual network for electron microscopy image segmentation in connectomics
1MAT18NXT11 Ramp Distribution-Based Image Enhancement Techniques for Infrared Images
2MAT18NXT12A Robust No-Reference, No-Parameter, Transform Domain Image Quality Metric for Evaluating the Quality of Color Images
3MAT18NXT13 Improving the mammogram images by intelligibility mammogram enhancement method
4MAT18NXT14An Optimal Low Dynamic Range Image Generation Method Using a Neural Network
5MAT18NXT15Naturalness Preserved Image Enhancement Using a Priori Multi-Layer Lightness Statistics
6MAT18NXT16Bright region preserving back-light image enhancement using clipped histogram equalization
7MAT18NXT17Adversarial approach to diagnostic quality volumetric image enhancement
8MAT18NXT18Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation
9MAT18NXT19The performance evaluation of the Cat and Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques in the image enhancement
10MAT18NXT20 Dual Autoencoder Network for Retinex-Based Low-Light Image Enhancement
1MAT18NXT21Universal multi-modal deep network for classification and segmentation of medical images
2MAT18NXT22Fusion of hyperspectral image and LiDAR data and classification using deep convolutional neural networks
3MAT18NXT23Superpixel based spectral classification of hyperspectral images in different color spaces
4MAT18NXT24Semi-automatic lymph node segmentation and classification using cervical cancer MR imaging
5MAT18NXT25Image classification using deep learning algorithm for thyroid imaging
6MAT18NXT26Stability and reduction of statistical features for image classification and retrieval: Preliminary results
7MAT18NXT27Image classification of fine-grained fashion image based on style using pre-trained convolutional neural network
8MAT18NXT28Image classification based on improved random forest algorithm
9MAT18NXT29Emphysema classification using a multi-view convolutional network
10MAT18NXT30A Review of Applications of Image Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques in Automated Diagnosis and Classification of Cervical Cancer from Pap-smear Images
1MAT18NXT31Signal Analysis and Classification of Digital Communication Signals using Adaptive Smooth-Windowed Wigner-Ville Distribution
2MAT18NXT32A Bayesian denoising mehod for complex radar signal with application to classification of human individuals
3MAT18NXT33Online automatic classification of subcarrier modulation signals
4MAT18NXT34Radar signal classification based on auto-correlation function and directed graphical model
5MAT18NXT35Classification of ECG signal by using machine learning methods
6MAT18NXT36Study of improved multiple signal classification algorithm based on coherent signal sources
7MAT18NXT37A modified domain deformation theory on 1-D signal classification
8MAT18NXT38Modified local discriminant bases and its applications in signal classification [biomedical signal examples]
9MAT18NXT39EEG signal classification using nonlinear independent component analysis
10MAT18NXT40 Efficient Classification of Chaotic Signals with Application to Secure Communications