NS2 / NS3

Get the reliable network projects at Nxtlogic at reasonable cost and gain vast knowledge in your academic final year projects. NS2 is otherwise called as network simulator version 2 which helps in research in computer communication. We train you to work in different platforms such as Ubuntu-12.04, Linux, NS2-35 and additional tools like nam, X-graph which are used for simulate the generated output using C++ and OTcl languages and by using X-graph the network parameters are generated. Nxtlogic helps you in solving complex concepts with the Latest IEEE- 2017 base papers so that your final year project will be worthy and helps you to improve your technical skills. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and software to run the project.We provide you free project training and full implementation explanation so that you can face viva with no fear. We help students who are interested in NS2 and NS3 to create their own journal.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
1NS217NXT01A report on cognitive 802.11 model for NS2 simulator
2NS217NXT02An analysis of multimedia traffic in the MPLS network in ns2 simulator
3NS217NXT03Performance evaluation of statefull load balancing in predicted time intervals and CPU load
4NS217NXT04SICC: SDN-based incast congestion control for data centers
5NS217NXT05WeiSTARS: A weighted trust-aware relay selection scheme for VANET
6NS217NXT06Secure Three-factor User Authentication Scheme for Renewable Energy Based Smart Grid Environment
7NS217NXT07Flow-Aware Adaptive Pacing to Mitigate TCP Incast in Data Center Networks
8NS217NXT08Lightweight Energy Proficient Anonymous Routing for Low-Power MANET
9NS217NXT09DC^2-MTCP: Light-Weight Coding for Efficient Multi-Path Transmission in Data Center Network
10NS217NXT10A Novel Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Implantable Medical Devices Deployment
11NS217NXT11Network delay modeling in Mobile Wireless Mesh Networks using Network Tomography
12NS217NXT12Channel Selection scheme for Cooperative Routing protocols in Cognitive Radio Networks
13NS217NXT13SICC:SDN-based incast congestion control for data centers
14NS217NXT14Computational approach towards vibrational spectroscopic detection of molecular species relevant to atmospheric chemistry and climate science: The formic acid rotamers
15NS217NXT15Diversity Coding in Two-Connected Networks
Wireless Sensor Network
1WSN17NXT01A Fuzzy Logic-Based Clustering Algorithm for WSN to Extend the Network Lifetime
2WSN17NXT02A Generic Simulation Approach for the Fast and Accurate Estimation of the Outage Probability of Single Hop and Multihop FSO Links Subject to Generalized Pointing Errors
3WSN17NXT03Efficient scalable sensor node placement algorithm for fixed target coverage applications of wireless sensor networks
4WSN17NXT04Mobility-aware route selection technique for mobile ad hoc networks
5WSN17NXT05Outlier detection for wireless sensor networks using density-based clustering approach
6WSN17NXT06QoS-Aware Enhanced-Security for TDMA Transmissions from Buffered Source Nodes
7WSN17NXT07Robust ANNs-based WSN Localization in the Presence of Anisotropic Signal Attenuation
8WSN17NXT08The Research of Elderly Health-Care in Wireless Sensor Networks
9WSN17NXT09Wireless Multi-Sensor Networks for Smart Cities: A Prototype System with Statistical Data Analysis
10WSN17NXT10Distributed estimation of a spatially correlated random field in decentralized sensor networks