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S.NoProject CodeProject Title
1PS18NXT01A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level StatCom
2PS18NXT02A Novel STATCOM Based on Diode-clamped Modular Multilevel Converters
3PS18NXT03 Advanced Voltage Support and Active Power Flow Control in Grid-Connected Converters under Unbalanced Conditions
4PS18NXT04 An Improved Modulated Carrier Control with On-Time Doubler for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter
5PS18NXT05Analysis and Control of M3C-Based UPQC for Power Quality Improvement in Medium/High-Voltage Power Grid
6PS18NXT06Analysis of Main Topologies of Shunt Active Power Filters Applied to Four-Wire Systems
7PS18NXT07Investigation of Negative-Sequence Injection Capability of Cascaded H-Bridge Converters in Star and Delta Configuration
8PS18NXT08High frequency resonance damping of DFIG based Wind Power system under weak network
9PS18NXT09A Voltage Regulator for Power Quality Improvement in Low-Voltage Distribution Grids
10PS18NXT10Performance Enhancement of Shunt Active Power filter using a Kalman Filter based H8 Control Strategy
11PS18NXT11Single-Stage Three-Phase Grid-Tied PV System with Universal Filtering Capability Applied to DG Systems and AC Microgrids
12PS18NXT12Voltage Vector Error Fault Diagnosis for Open-Circuit Faults of Three-phase Four-Wire Active Power Filters
13PS18NXT13Adaptable Voltage Source Inverter for Grid Integration of Renewables with Enhanced Power Quality Capabilities
14PS18NXT14Current Harmonics from Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters – Examination and Suppression
15PS18NXT15Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Least Mean Square Based Control Algorithm for DSTATCOM
16PS18NXT16Efficient Single Phase Transformerless Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control
17PS18NXT17Optimal Sizing of Single-Phase DC/AC Converter for Grid-Connected PV Applications
18PS18NXT18Grid connected dc distribution network deploying high Power density rectifier for dc voltage stabilization
19PS18NXT19The Benefits of SiC MOSFETs in a T-Type Inverter for Grid-Tie Applications
20PS18NXT20Real-time Implementation of a Three-phase THSeAF Based on VSC and P+R controller to Improve Power Quality of Weak Distribution Systems
21PS18NXT21A Synchronization Scheme for Single-Phase Grid-Tied Inverters under Harmonic Distortion and Grid Disturbances
22PS18NXT22 Circulating Current Reduction for Three-Phase Back-to-Back Transformerless Inverter with SPWM Based D-? Digital Control
23PS18NXT23A Family of Five-Level Dual-Buck Full-bridge Inverters for Grid-tied Applications
24PS18NXT24 Control strategy for Single-phase Transformerless Three-leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based on Space Vector Modulation
25PS18NXT25A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage
26PS18NXT26Individual Phase Current Control Based on Optimal Zero Sequence Current Separation for aStar-Connected Cascade STATCOM under Unbalanced Conditions
27PS18NXT27Versatile Unified Power Quality Conditioner applied to three-phase-four-wire distribution systems using a dual control strategy
28PS18NXT28A Single-Stage Photovoltaic System for a Dual-Inverter-Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drive for Pumping Applications
29PS18NXT29Decoupling of Fluctuating Power in Single-Phase Systems Through a Symmetrical Half-Bridge Circuit
30PS18NXT30High Step-Up Interleaved Forward-Flyback Boost Converter With Three-Winding Coupled Inductors