Grab a pervasive PHP project ideas with full source code at Nxtlogic. PHP is a Server side scripting language used in web development in which scripts will be employed on web server which creates an output for the request of the client to their website. PHP is one of the user friendly languages to develop and implement responsive websites. We provide you with the list of PHP project for students from various colleges and different departments. We develop the best projects with front end as PHP and backend as My-SQL server. We train you to develop a unique and run the application in XAMP or WAMP Server. Database is the main factor where we can store collection of data and their values. Here we use My-SQL server as a backend to store data which is more efficient and user-friendly. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and software to run the project. For PHP projects we install you Netbeans etc and some additional tools if necessary. Our expert will explain you about the project and will show you full demo of the project. We, Nxtlogic Provides you hands-on training for your better understanding and clarity.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
Web Based PHP Titles
1PHP01NXT A Survey on National Service Scheme Adoption Intention
2PHP02NXTAdvanced Marketing Scheduler System
3PHP03NXTAirline Reservation System
4PHP04NXTAutomation of Footwear Shop
5PHP05NXTBank Account Validation
6PHP06NXTBest Syllabus Management for Colleges
7PHP07NXTBus Ticket Reservation and Cancelation Technique
8PHP08NXTCollege Magazine Digital Store
9PHP09NXTComplaint Management System
10PHP10NXTComputer Spare Parts Maintenance System
11PHP11NXTCustomer Data Provided in A Car Showroom
12PHP12NXTCustomer Relation Management System (CRM)
13PHP13NXTDesign & Implementation of Online Bidding & Auction
14PHP14NXTDetection of Phishing Web Pages
15PHP15NXTEcommerce Storefront Application
16PHP16NXTE-Environment GAS Agency
17PHP17NXTEfficient Employee Attendance system for Industry
18PHP18NXTEfficient Tea Factory Automation Process
19PHP19NXTEnhanced Ticket Reservation Method
20PHP20NXTEnterprise Software Management and Tracking System
21PHP21NXTE-Post Office System
22PHP22NXTE-Vehicle Monitoring System
23PHP23NXTMatrimonial and Marriage Information Services Implementation
24PHP24NXTMatrix Factorization and Personalizing Search
25PHP25NXTMedical shop management system
26PHP26NXTOnline Application for The Training and Placement
27PHP27NXTOnline Auction With Featured Shopping Cart
28PHP28NXTOnline Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit
29PHP29NXTOnline Help Desk Maintenance and Monitoring
30PHP30NXTOnline Intranet Knowledge Management System
31PHP31NXTOnline Leave Management System for MNCs
32PHP32NXTOnline On-Request Courses Coordination System
33PHP33NXTOnline Sales and Inventory Maintenance System
34PHP34NXTOnline Selective Course Registration and Renewal Portal
35PHP35NXTOnline Testing System for Placement Cell
36PHP36NXTProduct Lost and Get
37PHP37NXTProject Development and Bug Tracking Technique
38PHP38NXTPromotional Third Party Adverting Agency
39PHP39NXTSearch Engine for Alumni of College
40PHP40NXTSecure Internet Banking System
41PHP41NXTSmart Attendance system for School and college
42PHP42NXTSmart Mobile Advertising Agency
43PHP43NXTSmart School Maintenance and Monitoring
44PHP44NXTStaff Work Monitoring With Student Attendance
45PHP45NXTStationery Maintenance System
46PHP46NXTTime Table Generation Process
47PHP47NXTTourism and Travel Management System
48PHP48NXTWeb Based Car Sharing System
49PHP49NXTWeb Based Meeting Scheduler
50PHP50NXTWeb Traffic Analyzer