VB.NET is the Object-Oriented Programming Language which is implemented on the dotnet framework. We, the Nxtlogic Software Solution provides real time and academic projects with source codes for students pursuing BE, B Tech, B. Sc, BCA, MCA ,M. Sc and (Computer Science, IT) courses . We offer Windows based Academic Projects for Students from different colleges, our projects will give an excellent exposure to cutting edge technologies. We develop the best vb.net projects with front end as vb.net and backend as SQL server. Database is the major element where we can store collection of data and their values. Here we use SQL server as a backend to store data which is more efficient and user-friendly. We facilitate you crystal report with which you can generate the report for data in entire project. We provide full support for installing required frameworks and Software to run the project. For vb.net projects we install you visual studio, SQL management server for database etc. Our expert will explain you about the project and will show you full demo of the project. Our team has helped lot of students from different departments to develop their own application and successfully submit their final projects and there by adding more values to their resumes.

S.NoProject CodeProject Title
Application Side
1VB1NXTA Hybrid Solution for Agro Chemicals and Fertilizers
2VB2NXTA New Scoring System for Scientific and Dental Clinical Needs
3VB3NXTAdaptive Maintenance to Teaching Dance Studio
4VB4NXTAdvance Oil store Maintenance
5VB5NXTAdvanced Ultimate Search Tool
6VB6NXTAdvocate Office Automation Process
7VB7NXTAirline Flight Simulator for Optimizing Reservation System
8VB8NXTAllocating Blood to Patient from Blood Bank
9VB9NXTAn Agency-Client Dynamics in The Advertising Sector
10VB10NXTApartment Buying and Sales Automation Process
11VB11NXTApparatus for Managing Real Estate Brokerage Referrals
12VB12NXTArchitecture Building Estimation and Controlling for Engineers
13VB13NXTATM Machine Maintenance and Analysis
14VB14NXTAttrite Process for Analyzing Customer Transactions and Interactions
15VB15NXTAutomated Sports Tournament Leagues
16VB16NXTBank Loan Trading System
17VB17NXTBeauty Parle Automation Process
18VB18NXTBest Business Opportunity for College Students
19VB19NXTBioinformatics Tactics For Protein Improvement
20VB20NXTBoutique Ordering Automation Process
21VB21NXTBus Time Table Generator and Predictor
22VB22NXTBuying and Selling Cars in the Car-Showroom
23VB23NXTCall Centre Supports for Multi-Users
24VB24NXTCentralized Control for Automobiles
25VB25NXTCivil Supplies Automation Process
26VB26NXTClub Member Information System
27VB27NXTCompany Information Tracking System
28VB28NXTComputer Hardware Services and Maintenance
29VB29NXTComputerized Medical Record Search Engine
30VB30NXTContractor And Labour Maintenance
31VB31NXTControl System for Health Club Facilities and Equipment
32VB32NXTCourse Guidance Information Technique
33VB33NXTCredit Card Management System
34VB34NXTCrime Record Maintenance and Analysis
35VB35NXTCustomer and Product Satisfaction Analysis
36VB36NXTCustomer Flexibility in Hotel and Catering Department
37VB37NXTCustomer Relationship Management System
38VB38NXTCustomer Self-Ordering System in Restaurant
39VB39NXTDepartment Store Transaction and Maintenance
40VB40NXTDevelopment of The Rural Health Insurance System
41VB41NXTDynamic Rendering of Automated Query Resolver
42VB42NXTEfficient Dynamic Auction for Multiple Objects
43VB43NXTElectronic shopping and Merchandising System
44VB44NXTEmployee Performance Analysis System
45VB45NXTEnvironmental Condition and Control In Apartment
46VB46NXTEnergy Production of Solar System Office Automation Process
47VB47NXTEssential Task Administration Gateway
48VB48NXTExamining the Role of Innovation Resource Planning Systems
49VB49NXTFinancial Advisory for Chit Processing
50VB50NXTFuel Cell Gas Maintenance
51VB51NXTFunds Transfer Maintenance System
52VB52NXTGreeting Card Management Process
53VB53NXTGym Automation Process and Guidance
54VB54NXTHigh Way Toll Gate Vehicles and Collection Information System
55VB55NXTHospital operational and Maintenance
56VB56NXTHostel Administration and Development
57VB57NXTHuman Resource Management In Company
58VB58NXTImplications of Tipping for Gift Shop
59VB59NXTIncome Tax Automation Technique
60VB60NXTIndividual Reactions to Organizational Recruiting
61VB61NXTIndustrial Manpower Resource Organizer
62VB62NXTInsurance Policy Automation System
63VB63NXTIntegrated for Controlling College Information
64VB64NXTIntegrated Cargo Security
65VB65NXTIntegrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heaters
66VB66NXTIntegrated Library for Virtual Communication
67VB67NXTIntegrated Method And System for Controlling College Information
68VB68NXTIntegrated Prefabricated Furniture System
69VB69NXTIntegrated Product Contamination Event Maintenance
70VB70NXTIntegration of A Database Into Company for Tracking Data
71VB71NXTIntegration of Management Systems in Industry
72VB72NXTIntellectual Property Library Management System
73VB73NXTIntelligent System for Dynamic Resource Management
74VB74NXTInteractive Shopping System using Shopping Card
75VB75NXTInteractive Workflow Mining in Project Development
76VB76NXTInternational Trade and Industrial Upgrading Corporation
77VB77NXTInventory Transaction and Billing System
78VB78NXTJewellery Shop Effective Automation Process
79VB79NXTLab Attendance Maintains System
80VB80NXTLathe Office Automation
81VB81NXTLearner and Trainer Interface Network
82VB82NXTleave Approval System for MNC
83VB83NXTMachinery Management: Estimating Farm Machinery Costs
84VB84NXTManufacture and Delivery of an Adaptive Product
85VB85NXTMethod and System for Automobile Transactions
86VB86NXTMethod for Collecting Eye and Managing Patient Care
87VB87NXTMethod for Cryptography Preserving Blood Vessels
88VB88NXTMethod of Distributing to Cable TV Subscribers
89VB89NXTMilitary Equipment rental and maintenance
90VB90NXTMinimizing File Downloading Using File Splitting.
91VB91NXTMobile Asset for showroom
92VB92NXTModular Furniture Construction
93VB93NXTMotor Vehicle Monitoring for A Cost of Insurance
94VB94NXTMovement Assisted Connectivity Restoration
95VB95NXTMulti Store Automation Process
96VB96NXTMultiple File Downloader
97VB97NXTMulti-Stage Parcel Tracking System
98VB98NXTMunicipality Maintenance as A Local Utility
99VB99NXTNational Identification Card System
100VB100NXTNutritional Aspects Maintenance for Hotel Industry
101VB101NXTObservation Apparatus With Selective Light Diffusion
102VB102NXTOpen Source Project Management Tool
103VB103NXTOperations Management: Processes and Supply Chains
104VB104NXTOptical Interface System
105VB105NXTOrganization of Temple Corporations
106VB106NXTPatient Care and Communication System
107VB107NXTPerfect Career and Consultancy Service
108VB108NXTPetrol Bunk Fuel Transaction
109VB109NXTPharmacy Database Enterprise Manager
110VB110NXTPhone Book Search Engine
111VB111NXTProcurement in Construction Industry
112VB112NXTProcurement Method Computer Spare Part
113VB113NXTProduct Processing and Inspection System
114VB114NXTProduct Transaction System within Department Store
115VB115NXTPump Industrial Process Surveillance System
116VB116NXTPurchasing Incentives in Departments within a Retail Store
117VB117NXTRailway Ticket Reservation System
118VB118NXTRation Store Portal System
119VB119NXTReal-Time Bus Arrival Information Systems
120VB120NXTRegenerative Counter Top Water Conditioner
121VB121NXTRegenerative Mineral Water Plant
122VB122NXTRTO Innovation System
123VB123NXTSales and Inventory Control System for Jewellery Shop
124VB124NXTScalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health
125VB125NXTSchool Management And Student Report Processing System
126VB126NXTSecurity Device for The Protection of Cargo Transport Containers
127VB127NXTSecurity Guard Allotment Information
128VB128NXTSports Recreation Using Private Sports Club
129VB129NXTStationary Vending Control Device
130VB130NXTStock Transaction for Making Products
131VB131NXTStudent Alumni Profile Gallery
132VB132NXTStudent Profile Information System
133VB133NXTSugar Production and Evaluation
134VB134NXTSupermarket Management System
135VB135NXTSystem for Ordering Items Using an Electronic Catalogue
136VB136NXTSystem for Payroll and Benefits Administration
137VB137NXTTailor Shop Development Maintains System
138VB138NXTTelephone Call Centres Supports for Multi-User
139VB139NXTTextile Challenges Customization & Innovation
140VB140NXTThe Role of System in Poultry Farmers
141VB141NXT The benefits and risks of Maintains for the Fish aquarium
142VB142NXTTour Reservation Information and Planning System
143VB143NXTTraffic Police Area Wise Duty Allotment
144VB144NXTTravel Planning Agent and Administration process
145VB145NXTUp and Down Blood Pressure Controlling Tactics
146VB146NXTVehicle Pollution Certificate Issue
147VB147NXTVehicle Shopping and Buying System and Method
148VB148NXTVehicle Showroom Automation Technique
149VB149NXTXerox Shop Automation Process
150VB150NXTZoo Animal Food Feeding Process System
System Side
1VB151NXTArtificial Intelligence in Trojan DetectionArtificial Intelligence in Trojan Detection
2VB152NXTBarcode Generator for Vb.NetBarcode Generator for Vb.Net
3VB153NXTClient Server Based Live MeetingClient Server Based Live Meeting
4VB154NXTClient Side Load Balance Using CloudClient Side Load Balance Using Cloud
5VB155NXTCyber Eye Webcam SecurityCyber Eye Webcam Security
6VB156NXTData Leakage DetectionData Leakage Detection
7VB157NXTDigital Image Processing With Multi Domain Approach  Digital Image Processing With Multi Domain Approach 
8VB158NXTDigital Image Watermarking SystemDigital Image Watermarking System
9VB159NXTDynamic Data Integrity MaintenanceDynamic Data Integrity Maintenance
10VB160NXTEffects of Experience on Learning, Using, and Evaluating a Text EditorEffects of Experience on Learning, Using, and Evaluating a Text Editor
11VB161NXTEfficient Intra Office Conference System ImplementationEfficient Intra Office Conference System Implementation
12VB162NXTEquity Trading Portfolio ManagerEquity Trading Portfolio Manager
13VB163NXTException Handling Patterns for Process ModellingException Handling Patterns for Process Modelling
14VB164NXTIEEE Journal Format Making SystemIEEE Journal Format Making System
15VB165NXTImage Compression and Decompression Using Huffman’s Image Compression and Decompression Using Huffman’s 
16VB166NXTInternet Server Access Control and Monitoring SystemsInternet Server Access Control and Monitoring Systems
17VB167NXTNetwork SnifferNetwork Sniffer
18VB168NXTPhoto Editor – Image Editor for Image Management SolutionsPhoto Editor – Image Editor for Image Management Solutions
19VB169NXTPrivacy Preserving Collaborative in Virtual Private NetworksPrivacy Preserving Collaborative in Virtual Private Networks
20VB170NXTPrivacy Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential DataPrivacy Preserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Data
21VB171NXTSecure Client Side Water Marking for Copy Rights ProtectionSecure Client Side Water Marking for Copy Rights Protection
22VB172NXTSecure Optimal Cyclic Cryptographic SystemSecure Optimal Cyclic Cryptographic System
23VB173NXTSecure Proxy Server Design & ImplementationSecure Proxy Server Design & Implementation
24VB174NXTSecure File Transfer SystemSecure File Transfer System
25VB175NXTSecured Network Manager & Tracker  Secured Network Manager & Tracker  
26VB176NXTSystem Information ProjectSystem Information Project
27VB177NXTVb.Net Control to Prevent Automated ClientVb.Net Control to Prevent Automated Client
28VB178NXTVb.Net Namespaces for Mobile ControlVb.Net Namespaces for Mobile Control
29VB179NXTWarning Bird: Near Real Time Detection System for Suspicious URLSWarning Bird: Near Real Time Detection System for Suspicious URLS
30VB180NXTWi-Fi Manager SystemWi-Fi Manager System