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What is Final Year Project?

Final Year Project is an important element in which students can implement their ideas with all the stuff they have learned. Final Year Projects are the step one process to become a professional. Student’s quality will be decided with their Final Year Project with which they can be placed in leading companies. Guidance is the most important thing to uplift an idea from the word “idea” to reality.

Here we, the Nxtlogic guide you in implementing your ideas in various technologies such as DOT NET, JAVA, ANDROID, PHP, HADOOP, PYTHON, R PROGRAMMING, CLOUD SIM, NS2, NS3, MATLAB, LAB VIEW, VLSI etc… with our experts. We assist you with all possible solutions for the questions running in your minds. Here, we provide you latest Final Year Project titles with abstract for both IEEE and Real–Time Projects so that you can choose your desired project titles.

Benefits of Internship in Nxtlogic

Live experience | Company exposure | Placement assistance | Gain knowledge about technology


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What is Mini Project?

Mini Project is the base of your final year main project. It is the initial step of a student’s Final Year Project, which helps to explore the fundamentals learned as theoretical stuff into a real-time application. Mini projects help to implement your simple ideas with the latest technology and build an efficient application. In-plant training is a short-term training which helps students in doing their mini projects. Nxtlogic provides In-plant training for students from different departments such as B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Sc CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical etc. In Nxtlogic we help students from various colleges to implement their own mini-project with the corporate level guidance in various domains and technologies in the form of In-plant training so that you can groom yourself as a professional.

What is Main Projects?

Final Year Projects plays an important role in Student’s Career to develop their skill in their desired branch. The Main project is nothing but an enhanced version of your mini project. In this you can implement your ideas in brief and can widen your knowledge. We, Nxtlogic provide the best academic main projects for students with Internship. Nxtlogic provides you the best real-time experience for students in developing their projects. We provide free internship for students from different departments to work in the framework with the leading technologies and tools.