Bluetooth / GSM / GPS

The word GSM Refers to Global System for Mobile Communications. Nowadays many people are showing lot of interest to know more about GSM related concepts. So, here we have published a list of various GSM based projects ideas which are having more demand and very interesting to learn. All these GSM based projects are listed here especially for final year engineering students of electronics. These projects would give better idea about the GSM technology practically. Theoretically there are many definitions of GPS; however practically speaking GPS is a technology that has changed the way the world moves, quite literally! GPS has revolutionized the way various travel and transportation systems work and has also created many new applications that simply did not exist earlier. These are applications ranging from personal navigation systems, to automated guided robots and weapons and beyond. This article is aimed at providing a quick introduction to GPS and the possibilities for student projects with GPS for final year projects or otherwise. This category consists of GPS/GSM Based ECE Projects list, ECE final year projects,ECE Projects ideas, ECE Projects for Engineering and Diploma students. Here we provide GPS based ece projects, GSM based Electronic projects for final year BE and Diploma students.