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What is Final Year Project?

Final year project is an important element in the integration of knowledge, ideas and dissertations. Delivering a good final year project gives a good impression to the person in case of availing a job. The final year project decides the student’s career. So, it is important to do the project under perfect guidance.

Final year project titles for real time projects and IEEE projects are undertaken here. We provide vast amount of updated titles from graduates to masters. Once the time comes, a thousand questions arise: What kind of project should I do? What steps should I take? How should I prepare the project report? So here are the lists of project titles for both IEEE and Non-IEEE projects. You can view titles and abstract of the projects. Kindly take a look of it.
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Benefits of Internship in Nxtlogic

Live experience | Company exposure | Placement assistance | Gain knowledge about technology


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What is Mini Project?

Mini projects are done by pre-final year students. The name mini project describes that the project can be done in minimum amount, minimum time and minimum applications usage and limit. Mini projects are prequel to the final year projects and scholarly thesis. It enhances the student’s ability and thinking as well their job profile. It also gives a clear idea of their area of study and about various application projects. Reason behind doing mini projects in various domains act in shaping the students aptitude and attitude towards project. The time limit given for mini projects in the college are sufficient enough for them to process and complete the project. We provide best support to implement mini projects on various Domains and technologies.

Project Internship

Internships are short term work experiences that allow you to participate in professional work environments. Internship in Nxtlogic is an opportunity given to students who are interested in learning the skills and working on projects.

Nxtlogic explored a newest initiative called Internship which is intended for engineering graduates to get experience on various technologies and field. Students have to undergo training and project will be assigned to each individually. Project modules will be explained and students have to fully involved in developing the own application on own. Guidance will be provided by Nxtlogic team.