PHD and Mphil project content writing

Research and Development

Nxtlogic Software Solution, a leading research and development company, offers key technology solutions in the field of information technology, computer science Embedded, MATLAB and wireless networks. The company has state-of-the-art research and development facilities to support advancement and the next generation of technology. The company has specialized in R&D solutions, research process outsourcing and research project consulting.

We share and disseminate the power of knowledge acquired for the benefit of students through research training and workshops. We teach research methodology and share our expertise to improve the knowledge and skill level to solve research problems. Students are empowered to gain valuable technical and analytical skills, as well as insight into the scientific process.

Nxtlogix Software Solution would appreciate the students those who willingly contribute with atleast a line of thinking of their own while preparing the project with us. It is advised that the project given by us be considered only as a model project and be applied with confidence to contribute your own ideas through our expert guidance and enrich your knowledge.

P.Hd Projects:

Our research professionals consider your viewpoint and suggestions regarding the work you would want to take up. They also try to understand your career plans and academic security. Based on the research trends in your subject area and your ideas, they shortlist suitable and attractive topics for you. Additionally, our advisors review the current literature in shortlisted subject areas and analyze the scope of all suggested topics. Accordingly, you are guided to narrow down the list to certain specific topics.

M.Phil Projects:

The MPhil work is a less highly developed requirement than the PhD work in which the student is ordinary to master a content area and can be done in two year’s full-time study. The MPhil study is normally shorter than the PhD thesis. It is often used as a education course in advanced research work, and can be a initial stage for the PhD where it is necessary to learn the fundamentals of research and acquire new techniques. The MPhil is also a rightful higher degree qualification in its own right.

Our Project Services

  • Base-paper selection.
  • Problem Analysis.
  • Different kind of proposal creation.
  • Proposal implementation.
  • Result and analysis fixing.
  • Journal paper creation.
  • Journal paper publication on reputed journals.
  • Journal author review commends fixing.
  • Paper publication completion.
  • Thesis writing.

Domain Area

  • Data Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Network & Network security
  • Bio Informatics
  • Digital Signal Processing