S.No Project Code Finance Project Topics
Finance Projects
1 FINANCE0 Data Security and consumer trust in fintech Innovations using Technology adoption method
2 FINANCE02 Analysing the impact of economic indicators on corporate debt issuance patterns
3 FINANCE03 Study on Financial Performance with reference to Company name
4 FINANCE04 A Study on working capital management
5 FINANCE05 Study on Inventory Management
6 FINANCE06 Study on cost of capital and capital structure
7 FINANCE07 Comparative analysis of banks in terms of service quality
8 FINANCE08 Study on retail banking transformation in …………. (State)
9 FINANCE09 Study on credit appraisal methods in …………… Bank
10 FINANCE10 Study on corporate credit monitoring practices in …………
11 FINANCE11 Role of IT in banking
12 FINANCE12 Risk and Risk mitigation on Investment decisions
13 FINANCE13 A study on impact of gst in motor pump manufacturing industry
14 FINANCE14 A study on investment pattern of salaried people with special reference to millennial age category
15 FINANCE15 A study on impact of financial inclusion of women in rural area
16 FINANCE16 A study on digital money and its role in financial inclusion among rural people
17 FINANCE17 A Study of Cost Control And Cost Reduction In Tata Motors (MBA Finance)
18 FINANCE18 A Study On NFO Process In Mutual Funds
19 FINANCE19 Comparative Study Of Risk Management Banks (MBA-FIN)
20 FINANCE20 Derivative Project
21 FINANCE21 Financial Analysis Ratio Birla Sunlife (MBA-Finance)
22 FINANCE22 Financial Ratio In Tata Capital
23 FINANCE23 Growth & Future Prospect Of India Infoline
24 FINANCE24 Investor Peception Towards Mutual Funds (MBA Finance)
25 FINANCE25 Mutual Fund As A Risk
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