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S.No Project Code Project Title
Marketing Based Titles
1 NXT16M01 A study on consumer awareness in Coimbatore district
2 NXT16M02 A study on impact of implementation of tqm in ITES industries in Coimbatore
3 NXT16M03 A study on challenging the female stereo types in Indian television advertisements
4 NXT16M04 A study on employee involvement and continuous process improvement towards total quality management with special reference to tech knit international
5 NXT16M05 A study on problems and challenges faced by real estate owners in Coimbatore city
6 NXT16M06 A study on factor influencing career choice among higher secondary school with effective value
7 NXT16M07 A study on role of trade unions in Coimbatore
8 NXT16M08 Advertising and sales promotion techniques used by retail businesses with special reference to big bazaar
9 NXT16M09 Advertising strategy of max New York life insurance company ltd
10 NXT16M10 To understand the international marketing, advertising and promotion strategies of nokia
11 NXT16M11 Brand identity of lux
12 NXT16M12 Product strategies of private life insurance companies
13 NXT16M13 Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector
14 NXT16M14 Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer loans
15 NXT16M15 Study on creation of luxury brand
16 NXT16M16 Strategies used to build successful internet based customer services
17 NXT16M17 Study of awareness and acceptability of upvc windows and door systems
18 NXT16M18 Changing trends in fmcg industry in india
19 NXT16M19 Study of consumer behaviour in automobile industry
20 NXT16M20 Customer buying behaviour towards insurance products
21 NXT16M21 Promotion strategies followed in insurance sector
22 NXT16M22 Study on changing consumer preference towards organized retailing from un-organized retailing
23 NXT16M23 Study on "impact of advertising in b2b marketing" Distribution network & general insurance industry
24 NXT16M24 A study on distribution channels in aluminium industry
25 NXT16M25 Study on strategies for promoting retailers brands
26 NXT16M26 Study of operations & marketing of chemical goods in ssi
27 NXT16M27 Marketing in fmcg sector
28 NXT16M28 E-marketing of financial services: relationship approach
29 NXT16M29 Understanding cross cultural literacy in international business
30 NXT16M30 The study of operations & marketing of Indian pharmaceutical industry
31 NXT16M31 Impact of promotional activities at mall on consumers behaviour at shopping malls
32 NXT16M32 A study on Indian pharmaceutical industry
33 NXT16M33 Managing of luxury brands
34 NXT16M34 Study on factors influencing adaptability & usability of consumer electronics
35 NXT16M35 Study of consumer behaviour related to different soap brands in Hyderabad
36 NXT16M36 Impact of small car segment on two-wheeler industry
37 NXT16M37 Influence of branding on consumer purchasing behavior
38 NXT16M38 Analysis of factors influencing in selection of mobile service providers in Hyderabad
39 NXT16M39 Impact of nano on two wheeler industry