What is A Final Year Project?

The Final Year Project is an important facet of every student’s course as they can freely implement their ideas, making use of all the technical concepts that they have learned. Final Year Projects are the first step in a student’s journey to becoming a full-fledged professional. A Student’s skill level is often decided by their Final Year Project, using which they can be placed in leading global companies. Our Professional Guidance is the key aspect that uplifts an idea from the being just an “idea” into a real-world application.

Here at Nxtlogic, our experts guide students in implementing their ideas in diverse technologies such as DOT NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, JAVA, JSP, ANDROID, PHP, HADOOP, PYTHON, R PROGRAMMING, CLOUD SIM, NS2, NS3, MATLAB, LAB VIEW, VLSI, FPGA etc. We assist them by offering solutions for all the possible questions that could be running in their minds. We provide them with the latest Final Year Project titles with abstract for both IEEE and Real–Time Projects, so that they can choose their desired project titles.

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Benefits of Internship in Nxtlogic

Live experience | Company exposure | Placement assistance | Gain knowledge about technology


Real Time Project Titles

B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Sc, B.Com(CA), BBA(CA), B.Com, M.Com, MBA, MIB, MSW, Etc...

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Research Projects

BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, MS, Etc...

What is Mini Project?

A Mini Project forms the basis for a student’s main final year project. It is the initial step in a student’s Final Year Project, which helps them convert the fundamental concepts learned as theoretical knowledge into a real-time application. Mini projects help students in implementing their base ideas, by applying the latest technology and building an efficient application.

At Nxtlogic, we offer short-term training programs which help students in completing their mini projects successfully. We provide In-plant training for students from different departments such as B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Sc CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, etc. Our team of experts assist students from various colleges in implementing their own mini-project, offering corporate level guidance in diverse domains and technologies, in the form of In-plant training so that they can transform themselves into professionals.

What are Main Projects?

Final Year Projects play an important role in a Student’s Course to help them hone their skills in their respective branches. The Main project is nothing but a full-fledged version of a student’s mini project.

Nxtlogic offers assistance in preparing top-notch academic main projects for students together with Internships. Nxtlogic provides students the best real-time experience in developing their projects.

We provide free internships for students from different departments, and help them acquire familiarity with their framework using the leading technologies and tools.

Project Category

Windows Based Applications

Windows Applications are user-built applications that can operate on a Windows platform. Windows applications feature graphical user interfaces that are implemented using Windows Forms. Windows forms present a range of controls such as CheckBox, Radio Button, TextBox, Button, as well as other connections and data controls. One can efficiently devise web applications utilizing programs such as Microsoft Visual Studio utilizing a mixture of languages including C++, C#, J#, Visual Basic, and lots more.

Web Based Applications

Web-based applications are a distinct variety of software that permits users to communicate with a faraway server via a web browser interface. They have witnessed a tremendous boost in demand in modern times, displacing desktop applications and maturing into critical instruments for both small and large-scale enterprises throughout the globe. Web-based applications have numerous benefits over conventional desktop apps, most notably their portability.

Mobile Based Applications

Mobile apps are software applications that are produced especially for use on miniature, wireless computing tools, such as tablets and smartphones as opposed to laptops or desktop computers. Mobile apps are created with concern for the requirements and limitations of the devices and furthermore to take account of any functional capacities they might have.


Simulation is the means of devising a general design or a model in order to depict critical perspectives of the real world. A simulation model can be utilized to investigate differences and options in a low-risk setting. Simulation has been favorably implemented in many modern-day applications. Applications of simulation technology can be observed in numerous real-world circumstances.

Embedded System Projects

In our daily lives, humans constantly utilize many electronic, electrical circuits and equipment which are devised employing embedded systems technology. Students from streams including electronics and electrical engineering as well as electronics and communications engineering are obligated to create final year projects to obtain hands-on exposure with real-time embedded systems and also to satisfy required graduation standards. Most final year electronics projects are created employing embedded systems and accompanying applications.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics is a division of electrical engineering which has to do with energy transformation from one configuration to another by using capacitors, inductors, as well as semiconductor devices such as IGBT, MOSFET, Thyristor, Diode, and more. The energy may be converted from mW (which are point on load devices) to MW (which concerns power systems).

Power System Management

Power System Management enables users to choose important energy supply parameters across a digital transmission interface. It permits the power supply to convey vital information about the state of a power system to the board or system administration controller. Using Power System Management devices, one can specify complex on/off sequencing systems, configure voltages, determine error states, and establish critical power supply parameters.


Mechanical application engineering has to do with the design, fabrication, preservation, and in fact, simply dealing with mechanical operations. Mechanical applications and appliances are diverse in variety and encompass almost every aspect of modern day-to-day living for human beings.