S.No Project Code Android Project Topics
Android Projects
1 ANDROID01 A Mobile Phone Based Medicine in-Take Reminder and Monitor
2 ANDROID02 Advanced GPS location finder to identify hospital and ATM locations
3 ANDROID03 an efficient mobile GPS navigator, tracker and altimeter system for location based services
4 ANDROID04 Android - Event Scheduler / Reminder
5 ANDROID05 Android Anti Theft For Mobile Phone Using F-Secure
6 ANDROID06 Android Application for Call Taxi Booking
7 ANDROID07 Android Leave Management System
8 ANDROID08 Android Mobile Contact Details Locking System
9 ANDROID09 Android Shopping Location Identifier
10 ANDROID10 Android Student Result Analyzing System
11 ANDROID11 Bank Account Tracker Application
12 ANDROID12 Bus Reservation System
13 ANDROID13 Bus Tracker Application
14 ANDROID14 Business Card and QR Code Reader Application
15 ANDROID15 Campus Assistant Application on an Android Platform
16 ANDROID16 Cloudmov: Cloud-Based Mobile Social TV
17 ANDROID17 Company Security Information System
18 ANDROID18 Connect to My Doctor
19 ANDROID19 Creating A Text Editor
20 ANDROID20 Credit Card Management System
21 ANDROID21 Design and Development of Car Parking and Automatic Billing Application
22 ANDROID22 Display Location When Calling
23 ANDROID23 Effective Risk Communication For Android Apps
24 ANDROID24 Expenses Managing Applications
25 ANDROID25 Face-to-Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth on Smart Phones
26 ANDROID26 File Transfer Using Android With AES
27 ANDROID27 Friend Mapper on Mobiles - Friend Locator
28 ANDROID28 Google Location Finder / Identifier
29 ANDROID29 GPS - Location Alert System
30 ANDROID30 Live Data Streaming in Notification Service
31 ANDROID31 Location Based Alarm System
32 ANDROID32 Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using Can (Theft Control System)
33 ANDROID33 Micro Credit Banking on Smart Phone
34 ANDROID34 Mobile Travel Guide A Smart Way to Travel
35 ANDROID35 Multi User Mobile Bluetooth Two Way Text Chat
36 ANDROID36 Multiple Smart Bank Account Tracker
37 ANDROID37 Online Banking Using Android With Network Security
38 ANDROID38 Real-Time Street Parking Availability Estimation
39 ANDROID39 Rental House Web Portal
40 ANDROID40 Restaurant Information and Control Methods
41 ANDROID41 Restaurant Table Order Management System
42 ANDROID42 RFID-Based Location System For Forest Search and Rescue Missions
44 ANDROID44 Smart Meeting Scheduler for MNCs
45 ANDROID45 Student Attendance Tracking System
46 ANDROID46 The Quick Ambulance Search Using Google Map
47 ANDROID47 Tollgate Payment System in Android
48 ANDROID48 Weather Reader Through SMS Using Android
49 ANDROID49 White Card Web Application With Android App
50 ANDROID50 Work/Life Balance and Smartphones
51 ANDROID51 Traffic Congestion - Traffic Congestion Detection Using GPS Data
52 ANDROID52 Tourism Place - A virtual travel agent system for m-tourism with semantic web service based design and implementation
53 ANDROID53 Herbarium - Digitization workflows for herbarium  Collections
54 ANDROID54 Speech to text conversion using android platform
55 ANDROID55  Smart Gadgets Watch in Android
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