S.No Project Code ASP.NET Project Titles
Real Time Projects in Asp.Net
1 ASP1NXT Advanced Call Taxi Booking and Monitoring
2 ASP2NXT Advanced College Timetable Scheduling
3 ASP3NXT Advanced Customization for MNCs Leave Maintenance
4 ASP4NXT Aircraft Delay Analysis and Technique
5 ASP5NXT Automated ATM Fund Tracking and Analyzer
6 ASP6NXT Automated Bio-Secure Attendance System
7 ASP7NXT Automated Course Selection And Registration Tactics
8 ASP8NXT Automated Query Resolver for College Placement
9 ASP9NXT Bioinformatics Tactics For Protein Improvement
10 ASP10NXT BSNL Office Automation Technique
11 ASP11NXT Bus Ticket Reservation and Cancelation Technique
12 ASP12NXT Bus-Pass Registration and Renewal Mechanism
13 ASP13NXT Call Centre Executive Process
14 ASP14NXT Career and Consultancy Service
15 ASP15NXT Cargo Tracking and Security Mechanism
16 ASP16NXT Child Care Information System
17 ASP17NXT College National Service Scheme
18 ASP18NXT Cloud Based Hybrid Text Editor
19 ASP19NXT Collecting Eye and Patient Care
20 ASP20NXT Computer Store E-Automation Process
21 ASP21NXT Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)
22 ASP22NXT Customized Jewel Design and Ordering
23 ASP23NXT Dance School Controlling and Maintenance Process
24 ASP24NXT Data Hiding and Sending Secure Files
25 ASP25NXT Design and Implementation of Online Auction
26 ASP26NXT Dynamic Web Based College Alumni Meet
27 ASP27NXT E-Based Food Ordering and Catering Development
28 ASP28NXT E-Environment GAS Agency
29 ASP29NXT Efficient and Personalized Car Dealer Marketing
30 ASP30NXT Efficient Doctor and Patient Portal
31 ASP31NXT Efficient way to Maintain Chemical Sales shop
32 ASP32NXT Employee Performance and Training Methodology
33 ASP33NXT En-Code and De-Code for Unique Person using White-Card
34 ASP34NXT Financial Profit and Loss Controlling
35 ASP35NXT Functionality Website with Disability Persons
36 ASP36NXT Functionality Website with Employee
37 ASP37NXT Functionality Website with General Users
38 ASP38NXT Geo Spatial Processing Technique
39 ASP39NXT Hostel Administration in Common Portal
40 ASP40NXT High Security System Using Image Processing
41 ASP41NXT Identifying Visitors System in College
42 ASP42NXT Identifying Visitors System in Company
43 ASP43NXT Integrated for Controlling College Admission
44 ASP44NXT Inter Group Communication of Cued Click Points
45 ASP45NXT Increasing the efficiency of digitization workflows for herbarium Collections
46 ASP46NXT Internet Based Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System
47 ASP47NXT Issue Tracker and Fixer in Project development
48 ASP48NXT Material Marketing and Invoice Generation
49 ASP49NXT Mineral Water Supply Services
50 ASP50NXT Models of Representation in Share Market Using Graph
51 ASP51NXT Monitoring Suspicious Discussions on Online Forums using Data Mining
52 ASP52NXT Multi College Placement and Training Awareness by Forum
53 ASP53NXT Multi Store Transaction Portal
54 ASP54NXT Multiple Hotel Industry Using Common Portal
55 ASP55NXT Multi Variant E-Home Automation Technique
56 ASP56NXT Multi-Functionality for Regional Transfer Authority (RTA/RTO)
57 ASP57NXT News Paper Monitoring and Reporting Analysis
58 ASP58NXT Nutritional Aspects in Hotel Industry
59 ASP59NXT Online Application Crime Reporting Technique
60 ASP60NXT Online students attendance monitoring system in Classroom
61 ASP61NXT Online Music download Store
62 ASP62NXT Optimization Blood Bank Search Engine Technique
63 ASP63NXT Output Voting: Detecting Compromised Replicas
64 ASP64NXT Personalized Valuable Product Get and Loss
65 ASP65NXT Pipe Manufacturing in Automated System
66 ASP66NXT Product Processing in Department Store
67 ASP67NXT Promotional Third Party Adverting Agency
68 ASP68NXT Query Expressions for Development Resolver
69 ASP69NXT Quick Medicine Search Engine
70 ASP70NXT Quick Product Finder in the Shopping Mall
71 ASP71NXT Rapid Share Secure Downloader
72 ASP72NXT Ration Store Portal System
73 ASP73NXT Real Estate Business Processing Technique
74 ASP74NXT RFID Based Car Parking System
75 ASP75NXT School or College Bus Security System in Critical And Abnormal Condition
76 ASP76NXT School based management and school effectiveness
77 ASP77NXT Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet
78 ASP78NXT Semantic Portal in The Lathe Approach
79 ASP79NXT Similarity Search on Metric Data Warehousing
80 ASP80NXT Smart Health Consulting Services
81 ASP81NXT Solar Water Heater Development Processing
82 ASP82NXT Transaction costs and crop marketing in the communal areas
83 ASP83NXT Up and Down Blood Pressure Controlling Tactics
84 ASP84NXT University Multi Course Counselling Dashboard
85 ASP85NXT Virtual Class Interface Tanning Network
86 ASP86NXT Visa Application Registration and Renewal Process
87 ASP87NXT Web Based Art Gallery System
88 ASP88NXT Web Based General Insurance Policy Services
89 ASP89NXT Web Based Bike and Car Service Monitoring
90 ASP90NXT Web Based College Admission Portal
91 ASP91NXT Web Based Diagnostic Lab Reporting
92 ASP92NXT Web Based Vehicle Insurance Services
93 ASP93NXT Web Based Human Resource Management in IT Company
94 ASP94NXT Web Based Jewellery Shop Approach
95 ASP95NXT Web Based Loan Application and Verification
96 ASP96NXT Web Based Recruitment Process
97 ASP97NXT Web Based Temple Seva Process
98 ASP98NXT Web Based Textile Monitoring and Analyzing
99 ASP99NXT Web Based Travelling Journey Planner
100 ASP100NXT Web Based Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking
Research and Development
1 ASP101NXT A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation
2 ASP102NXT A Connection Based Page Rank Calculation for Semantic Well
3 ASP103NXT A Secured Cost Effective in Secure Payment Gateway
4 ASP104NXT A System for Denial-of-Service Attack Detection
5 ASP105NXT Accuracy-Constrained Privacy-Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data
6 ASP106NXT An Efficient Secure Image Watermarking using Compressive Sensing
7 ASP107NXT An Empirical Performance Evaluation of Relational Keyword Search
8 ASP108NXT Cloud : Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal HealthRecords in Cloud Computing using Attribute-Based Encryption
9 ASP109NXT Cloud Computing Security From Single To Multi-Clouds
10 ASP110NXT Cloud Security Cloud Computing Against Http-Dos and Xml-Dos Attacks
11 ASP111NXT Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity with Fully Anonymous Attribute Based Encryption
12 ASP112NXT Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markova Model
13 ASP113NXT Data leakage detection
14 ASP114NXT Data Sharing In Cloud Storage by Using Key-Aggregate
15 ASP115NXT De - Duplication for Cloud Backup
16 ASP116NXT Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks by Using Persuasive Click Points
17 ASP117NXT Discovering The Community Structures in the Evolving Multidimensional Social Networks
18 ASP118NXT Email : Brute Force Attack on Secured Mailing System
19 ASP119NXT Energy-Efficient Clustering and Combined Authentication Multi Level Access Control
20 ASP120NXT Inter Group Communication of Cued Click Points Using Graphical Password And Image Spectrograph
21 ASP121NXT Performance and Cost evaluation of an Adaptive Encryption Architecture for Cloud Databases
22 ASP122NXT Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
23 ASP123NXT Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
24 ASP124NXT Secure Anti Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
25 ASP125NXT Secure Distributed Reduplication System with Data Sharing Scheme in the Cloud
26 ASP126NXT Shared Authority Based Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing
27 ASP127NXT Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
28 ASP128NXT Text File Hiding in Audio (Wav) Files using Low Bit Encoding Steganography
29 ASP129NXT Wireless Network Security Device Control
30 ASP130NXT Workflow Mining for Secure Development Application