S.No Project Code Java Project Titles
Application Side Projects
1 JAVA01NXT A Hybrid Solution for Agro Chemicals and Fertilizers
2 JAVA02NXT Advanced Inventory Management for Super Market
3 JAVA03NXT Advanced School Admission Enrolling Automation System
4 JAVA04NXT Advocate Office Automation Process
5 JAVA05NXT Airline Flight Simulator for Optimizing Reservation System
6 JAVA06NXT An Agency-Client Dynamics in The Advertising Sector
7 JAVA07NXT Automated Sports Tournament Leagues
8 JAVA08NXT Automatic Testing of Phishing Attacks
9 JAVA09NXT Building Construction and Cost Estimation Process
10 JAVA10NXT Buying and Selling Cars in the Car-Showroom
11 JAVA11NXT Call Centre Supports for Multi-Users
12 JAVA12NXT Canteen Accounting System
13 JAVA13NXT Catering Department Information and Analysis System
14 JAVA14NXT Civil Supplies Automation Process
15 JAVA15NXT Clustering Technique for the Spatiotemporal Data
16 JAVA16NXT College Information System and Data Integrity Maintenance
17 JAVA17NXT Company Information Tracking System
18 JAVA18NXT Corporate Recruitment System
19 JAVA19NXT Course Guidance Information System
20 JAVA20NXT Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model
21 JAVA21NXT Credit Cards Application Processing System
22 JAVA22NXT Crime Record Maintenance and Analysis
23 JAVA23NXT Customer Flexibility in Hotel and Catering Department
24 JAVA24NXT Document archival management system electronic archival design
25 JAVA25NXT Emission System Component Inspection
26 JAVA26NXT Environmental Condition Control in Apartment
27 JAVA27NXT Examining The Role of Innovation Resource Planning Systems
28 JAVA28NXT Hospital Management System
29 JAVA29NXT HR Management with Payroll Management System
30 JAVA30NXT Improving Utilization of Infrastructure clouds
31 JAVA31NXT Income Tax Automation System
32 JAVA32NXT Integrated Cargo Security
33 JAVA33NXT Integrated Prefabricated Furniture System
34 JAVA34NXT Inter Group Communication of Cued Click Points
35 JAVA35NXT Inter Office Automation System
36 JAVA36NXT Learner and Trainer Interface Network System
37 JAVA37NXT Loan Issuing Management System
38 JAVA38NXT Multi Bank Accounting System
39 JAVA39NXT National Identification Card System
40 JAVA40NXT Organization of Temple Corporations
41 JAVA41NXT Pensioner System Secured with Bio – Metric Sensors
42 JAVA42NXT Perfect Career and Consultancy Service
43 JAVA43NXT Petrol Bunk Fuel Transaction
44 JAVA44NXT Private or Public Transport Enquiry System
45 JAVA45NXT Procurement Method Computer Spare Part
46 JAVA46NXT Product Processing and Inspection System
47 JAVA47NXT Relation Database and SPAM Detection
48 JAVA48NXT Shares and Stock Management System
49 JAVA49NXT Vertical Market Information Providing System
50 JAVA50NXT Workflow Scheduling System Based On Hybrid Algorithm QPSO