S.No Project Code JSP Project Titles
Application Side Projects
1 JSP01NXT Advanced Call Taxi Booking and Monitoring
2 JSP02NXT Advanced College Timetable Scheduling
3 JSP03NXT Advanced Customization for MNC's Leave Maintenance
4 JSP04NXT Automated ATM Fund Tracking and Analyzer
5 JSP05NXT Automated Corporate BPO Solution
6 JSP06NXT Automated Query Resolver for College Placement
7 JSP07NXT Bus Ticket Reservation and Cancelation Technique
8 JSP08NXT Bus-Pass Registration and Renewal Mechanism
9 JSP09NXT Call Centre Executive Process
10 JSP10NXT Cash Assistance to Aged Persons
11 JSP11NXT Collecting Eye and Patient Care
12 JSP12NXT Collector Monthly Review and Monitoring
13 JSP13NXT Computer Retail Store and Maintenance
14 JSP14NXT Content Management System
15 JSP15NXT Dynamic Web Based College Alumni Meet
16 JSP16NXT E-Based Food Ordering and Catering Development
17 JSP17NXT Employee Performance and Recognition Portal
18 JSP18NXT Enterprise Resource Information System
19 JSP19NXT Functionality Website With Disability Persons
20 JSP20NXT Functionality Website With General Users
21 JSP21NXT Gateway of Business Portfolio/td>
22 JSP22NXT Identifying Visitors System In College - College Visitor
23 JSP23NXT Integrated for Controlling College Admission In Online
24 JSP24NXT Military Equipment Rental and Maintenance
25 JSP25NXT Mineral Water Supply Services
26 JSP26NXT Multi-functionality for road transfer authority
27 JSP27NXT Online Application Crime Reporting Technique
28 JSP28NXT On-Line Digital Library System
29 JSP29NXT Optimization Blood Bank Search Engine Technique
30 JSP30NXT Promotional Third Party Adverting Agency
31 JSP31NXT Ration Department Processing Maintains Networks
32 JSP32NXT Safe and Secure Internet Banking
33 JSP33NXT Schedule and Dispatching System
34 JSP34NXT Secure Java Mail System
35 JSP35NXT Secured Net-Auction Process
36 JSP36NXT Semantic Portal the Lathe Approach
37 JSP37NXT Smart Card Health Security System
38 JSP38NXT Smart College Information Process
39 JSP39NXT Universal Database Integration System
40 JSP40NXT Visa Application Registration Using Agency
41 JSP41NXT Web Based Art Gallery System
42 JSP42NXT Web Based Bookshop Maintenance
43 JSP43NXT Web Based Contractor and Labor Maintenance
44 JSP44NXT Web Based Corporate Recruitment System
45 JSP45NXT Web Based Course Registration Portal
46 JSP46NXT Web Based Fitness Maintains Network
47 JSP47NXT Web Based Mobile Service Maintenance
48 JSP48NXT Web Based Pharmacy Search Engine
49 JSP49NXT Web Based Tours and Travel
50 JSP50NXT Web Based Training and placement cell