S.No Project Code Management Project Titles
Marketing Based Titles
1 M01NXT A study on consumer awareness in Coimbatore district
2 M02NXT A study on impact of implementation of tqm in ITES industries in Coimbatore
3 M03NXT A study on challenging the female stereo types in Indian television advertisements
4 M04NXT A study on employee involvement and continuous process improvement towards total quality management with special reference to tech knit international
5 M05NXT A study on problems and challenges faced by real estate owners in Coimbatore city
6 M06NXT A study on factor influencing career choice among higher secondary school with effective value
7 M07NXT A study on role of trade unions in Coimbatore
8 M08NXT Advertising and sales promotion techniques used by retail businesses with special reference to big bazaar
9 M09NXT Advertising strategy of max New York life insurance company ltd
10 M10NXT To understand the international marketing, advertising and promotion strategies of nokia
11 M11NXT Brand identity of lux
12 M12NXT Product strategies of private life insurance companies
13 M13NXT Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector
14 M14NXT Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer loans
15 M15NXT Study on creation of luxury brand
16 M16NXT Strategies used to build successful internet based customer services
17 M17NXT Study of awareness and acceptability of upvc windows and door systems
18 M18NXT Changing trends in fmcg industry in india
19 M19NXT Study of consumer behaviour in automobile industry
20 M20NXT Customer buying behaviour towards insurance products
21 M21NXT Promotion strategies followed in insurance sector
22 M22NXT Study on changing consumer preference towards organized retailing from un-organized retailing
23 M23NXT Study on "impact of advertising in b2b marketing" Distribution network & general insurance industry
24 M24NXT A study on distribution channels in aluminium industry
25 M25NXT Study on strategies for promoting retailers brands
HR Based Titles
26 HR26NXT Customer attitude towards private label and national brands in tirpur
27 HR27NXT Attitude and preference of the depositors towards public deposit schemes
28 HR28NXT Consumer awareness
29 HR29NXT Consumer behaviour towards retail merchant
30 HR30NXT Consumer perception towards private label tea
31 HR31NXT Consumer preference for sales of britannia biscuits in ration shops
32 HR32NXT Customer expectation and customer satisfaction on service provided offset printer company
33 HR33NXT Customer loyalty at soap industry
34 HR34NXT Customer loyalty of bearings company
35 HR35NXT Customer preference towards purchase of apparels
36 HR36NXT Customer satisfaction and retention
37 HR37NXT Customer satisfaction towards branded t-shirts with special reference to tirupur
38 HR38NXT Customer satisfaction towards jewelleryand in-store environment
39 HR39NXT Customer satisfaction towards corporate industry
40 HR40NXT Customer’s satisfaction and preference towards reliance internet connection in coimbatore
41 HR41NXT Customer loyalty towards xtrapower fleet card program
42 HR42NXT Effective expectation of public in coimbatore for online appointment booking in hospitals
43 HR43NXT Employee engagement at engineering
44 HR44NXT Employee engagement in abc company
45 HR45NXT Employee statisfacion in xyz company
46 HR46NXT Employee’s motivation towards automobile industry
47 HR47NXT Employees satisfaction on usage of erp package
48 HR48NXT Job satisfaction among employees in abc company
49 HR49NXT Measuring and ensuring key buying factors and customer satisfaction
50 HR50NXT Problems and prospects of self help group
Finance Based Titles
51 F51NXT Asset performance of finance company
52 F52NXT Cost reduction and control in industry
53 F53NXT Financial performance of garments
54 F54NXT Fundamental analysis of xyz industry
55 F55NXT Impact of erp after implementation in abc company
56 F56NXT Market share of a xyz company
57 F57NXT Scope of the financial planning and wealth creation of mutual fund
58 F58NXT Effect of the performance appraisal system on trust for management
59 F59NXT Evaluation of mutual fund schemes
60 F60NXT Factors influencing the effectiveness of erp in xyz company
61 F61NXT Financial Performance Analysis Of Abc Company
62 F62NXT Financial Analysis
63 F63NXT Fundamentals Of Natural Gas
64 F64NXT Mutual Fund Analysis
65 F65NXT Projection Of Prices Of Mentha Oil
66 F66NXT Ratio Analysis
67 F67NXT Risk Mgt Of Mutual Funds
68 F68NXT A Feel Of The Market About Business Multiplier And Special Savings Account
69 F69NXT Asea Brown Boveri
70 F70NXT Best Investment Midcap Funds Performance Evaluation
71 F71NXT ERP & MIS Revisited: A Managerial Prospective
72 F72NXT Export Finance And Determination Of Best Bank
73 F73NXT Financial Analysis Of Virgo Softech Ltd.
74 F74NXT Foreign Exchange Market - An Analysis Of Movement Of USD Against Other Majors And INR
75 F75NXT Insight On Home Loans