S.No Project Code Mechanical Project Titles
Automobile Engineering Project Titles
1 MECH01NXT Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic Signal
2 MECH02NXT Automatic Clutch and Braking System for Four Wheeler
3 MECH03NXT Automatic Differential Unit Locking System
4 MECH04NXT Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System Using Ultrasonic
5 MECH05NXT Automatic Hand Break Release
6 MECH06NXT Automatic Pneumatic Bumper for Four Wheeler Without Wheel Sensor
7 MECH07NXT Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
8 MECH08NXT Automatic Wheel Air Filling System
9 MECH09NXT Compressed Air Engine
10 MECH10NXT Compressed Air Production using Vehicle Suspensor
11 MECH11NXT Efficiency Increasing System by using Preheating Method
12 MECH12NXT Emergency Braking System
13 MECH13NXT Motorized Screw Jack
14 MECH14NXT Pollution Control System for Automobile
15 MECH15NXT Railway Track Disconnect Detection System
1 MECH16NXT Automatic Hydro Pneumatic Lubricating System
2 MECH17NXT Digital Hydraulic Jack 1
3 MECH18NXT Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Plant
4 MECH19NXT Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller
5 MECH20NXT Hydraulic Fork Lifter
6 MECH21NXT Hydraulic Grease Gun
7 MECH22NXT Hydraulic Lift
8 MECH23NXT Hydraulic Lift with Power Pack
9 MECH24NXT Hydraulic Lift with Pressure Booster
10 MECH25NXT Hydraulic Mobile Crane
11 MECH26NXT Hydraulic Pallet Truck
12 MECH27NXT Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
13 MECH28NXT Hydraulic Radial Bending Machine
14 MECH29NXT Hydraulic Zigzag Bending Machine
15 MECH30NXT Mini Hydraulic Press
1 MECH31NXT Automatic Accident Avoiding System in Machine
2 MECH32NXT Automatic Accident Avoiding System in Pneumatic Bend and Bend Removing Machine
3 MECH33NXT Automatic Board Cleaner
4 MECH34NXT Automatic Boring Mechanism for Boundary
5 MECH35NXT Automatic Bottle Washing Machine
6 MECH36NXT Automatic Coil Winding Machine
7 MECH37NXT Automatic Dam Shutter Controlling System
8 MECH38NXT Automatic Dish Washing Machine
9 MECH39NXT Automatic Double Axis Welding Machine
10 MECH40NXT Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine
11 MECH41NXT Automatic Window Dust Cleaning Machine
12 MECH42NXT Automatic Lubrication System
13 MECH43NXT Automatic Power Saving Punching Conveyor
14 MECH44NXT Barrel Lifting
16 MECH46NXT Cooling Tower
17 MECH47NXT Electrical Power Generation Using Foot Step
18 MECH48NXT Electrical Power Generation Using Shock Absorber
19 MECH49NXT Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Brake
20 MECH50NXT Floor Cleaning Machine
21 MECH51NXT Gear Type Injection Molding Machine
22 MECH52NXT Mechanical Mini Plastic Crusher Machine 15
23 MECH53NXT Pedal Operated Wash Basin
24 MECH54NXT Pedal Operated Water Pumping System
25 MECH55NXT Pedal Washing Machine
1 MECH56NXT Auto Indexing Gear Cutting Attachment for Pneumatic Shaping Machine
2 MECH57NXT Automatic Pneumatic Hammer
3 MECH58NXT Automatic Pneumatic High Speed Hack Saw Machine
4 MECH59NXT Automatic Pneumatic Paper Cutting Machine
5 MECH60NXT Automatic Pneumatic Printing Press
6 MECH61NXT Automatic Pneumatic Punching Machine
7 MECH62NXT Automatic Pneumatic Ramming Machine
8 MECH63NXT Automatic Pneumatic Reciprocating Grinding Machine
9 MECH64NXT Automatic Pneumatic Shaping Machine
10 MECH65NXT Automatic Pneumatic Stand For Two Wheeler
11 MECH66NXT Automatic Pneumatic Vice And Jack
12 MECH67NXT Automatic Pneumatic Water Pumping System
13 MECH68NXT Copy of Pneumatic Bearing Press
14 MECH69NXT Pneumatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine
15 MECH70NXT Pneumatic Auto Gear Changer
16 MECH71NXT Pneumatic Belt Conveyor
17 MECH72NXT Pneumatic Cutting and Grinding Machine
18 MECH73NXT Pneumatic Disc Break
19 MECH74NXT Pneumatic Drill JIG
20 MECH75NXT Pneumatic Drilling Machine
21 MECH76NXT Pneumatic Four Axis Material Handling Equipment
22 MECH77NXT Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine
23 MECH78NXT Pneumatic Paper Cup Making Machine
24 MECH79NXT Pneumatic Pick And Place Robot With Remote Control
25 MECH80NXT Pneumatic Pick And Place Robot With Video Camera
26 MECH81NXT Pneumatic Ramming Machine
27 MECH82NXT Pneumatic Sheet Bend Removing Machine
28 MECH83NXT Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine
29 MECH84NXT Pneumatic Slotting Machine.
30 MECH85NXT Pneumatic Vice
1 MECH86NXT Alcohol Sensing Robot
2 MECH87NXT Anti Theft Alerting System For Vehicle(2 Wheeler)
3 MECH88NXT Automated Track Guided Vehicle(Atgv)
4 MECH89NXT Automatic arc welding robot
5 MECH90NXT Automatic Double Axis Welding Robot
6 MECH91NXT Automatic Paint Spraying Equipment
7 MECH92NXT Automatic Paint Spraying Pick And Place Equipment
8 MECH93NXT Automatic Scrap Collecting Robot
9 MECH94NXT Automatic Welding Robot
10 MECH95NXT Bomb Detecting Robot
11 MECH96NXT Color Sensing Robot
12 MECH97NXT Conveyor Operated Robot
13 MECH98NXT Crack Sensing Robot
14 MECH99NXT Fire Fighter Robot
15 MECH100NXT GAS Detecting Robot
16 MECH101NXT GPS Robot
17 MECH102NXT Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot
18 MECH103NXT House Cleaning Robot
19 MECH104NXT Intelligent Robot
20 MECH105NXT Linear Following Robot
21 MECH106NXT Object Sensing Pick And Place Robot
22 MECH107NXT Racing Robot
23 MECH108NXT Remote Controlled Robot
24 MECH109NXT Robot For Agriculture
25 MECH110NXT Robot For Military Applications
26 MECH111NXT Robot For Mining Applications
27 MECH112NXT Robot With Crane System
28 MECH113NXT Sensor Fusion For Mining Robot
29 MECH114NXT Smoke Detecting Robot
30 MECH115NXT Solar Operated Robot
1 MECH116NXT Analysis of stresses in turbine rotor using finite element method Structural analysis of nuclear fuel element with ANSYS software.
2 MECH117NXT Design and finite element analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine blade
3 MECH118NXT Design, modeling and analysis of helical gear.
4 MECH119NXT Evaluation of an automotive wiper noise and vibration characteristics.
5 MECH120NXT Finite element analysis of automotive intake manifold using CAE software.
6 MECH121NXT Finite element analysis of four cylinder diesel engine crank shaft
7 MECH122NXT Finite element analysis of high speed motorized spindle based on Ansys.
8 MECH123NXT Finite element analysis of sheet metal forming process
9 MECH124NXT Finite element investigation of hybrid and conventional knee plants
10 MECH125NXT Finite element modeling for replacement of cast iron pulley with suitable material.
11 MECH126NXT Novel alloy for modern IC engine piston application
12 MECH127NXT Stress analysis and optimization of crank shaft subject to dynamic loading
13 MECH128NXT Stress analysis on body in white(BIW)
14 MECH129NXT Stress analysis on vehicle chases system
1 MECH130NXT Analysis of current harmonic on power system fuses using Ansys
2 MECH131NXT Clutch plate temperature analysis (MARUTHI 800)
3 MECH132NXT Design and prediction of temperature distribution of piston of reciprocating air compressor
4 MECH133NXT Finite element analysis of reciprocating screw for injection molding machine.
5 MECH134NXT Finite element modeling for thermal stresses developed in riveted and rivet-bonded joints
6 MECH135NXT Finite element structural & thermal analysis of lock plate
7 MECH136NXT Finite element thermal analysis of concrete filled hallow steel sections during fires
8 MECH137NXT Finite element thermal analysis of conformal cooling channels in injection molding.
9 MECH138NXT Performance investigation of the car disc brake system analysis
10 MECH139NXT Probabilistic turbine blade thermal analysis of manufacturing variability and tolerance design
11 MECH140NXT The finite element analysis of a cylinder head of spark ignition engine
12 MECH141NXT Thermal analysis and optimization and IC engine piston using FEM
13 MECH142NXT Thermal analysis of a piston reciprocating air compressor
14 MECH143NXT Thermal analysis of experimental validation on TFT-LCD panels for image quality concerns
15 MECH144NXT Thermal analysis of high power LED arrays
16 MECH145NXT Thermo elastic hydrodynamic analysis of elliptical journal bearing (two lobe)
17 MECH146NXT Three dimensional thermal finite element modeling for key hole plasma arc welding of 2205 puplex stainless steel plates
18 MECH147NXT Transient analysis of disc brake by using ANSYS software
1 MECH148NXT Aero structural shape optimization of in turbine blade considering specific wind
2 MECH149NXT Aerodynamic shape optimization on with uncertain flow condition
3 MECH150NXT Automatic shape optimization on hydro turbine components based on cfd
4 MECH151NXT Hierarchical methods for shape optimization in aerodynamic
5 MECH152NXT International journal of pressure vessel and piping
6 MECH153NXT Shape optimization of geo-textile tubes for sandy beach production
7 MECH154NXT Shape optimization on gear component
8 MECH155NXT Shape optimization on vehicle body
9 MECH156NXT Transonic axial flow blade shape optimization using evolutionary algorithm and 3D nervier stork solver
1 MECH157NXT Harmonic analysis of vertical wind turbines frame and impeller
2 MECH158NXT Model analysis of vertical wind turbines frame and impeller
3 MECH159NXT Transverse vibration of spinning disk with attached distributed patch and discrete point masses using finite element analysis
4 MECH160NXT Vehicle vibration analysis in changeable speeds
5 MECH161NXT Vibration analysis and control of cantilever plate by using finite element analysis
6 MECH162NXT Vibration analysis in vehicle components (external)
7 MECH163NXT Vibration analysis of a beam using neural network technique
8 MECH164NXT Vibration analysis on misaligned shaft ball bearing system
9 MECH165NXT Vibration and acoustic pre-assessment study for free piston engine structure
10 MECH166NXT Vibration and thermal analysis of switched reductions hub motor
1 MECH167NXT 3D modeling of a wind turbine using CFD
2 MECH168NXT Accidental car impact analysis and CFD analysis of automotive
3 MECH169NXT Aerodynamic analysis over cricket ball
4 MECH170NXT CFD analysis of a journal bearing with a micro groove on the shaft
5 MECH171NXT CFD Modeling and Analysis of an Arc-jet facility using ANSYS fluent
6 MECH172NXT Flow analysis in muffler for diesel engine
7 MECH173NXT Three dimensional flow analysis with in a profile extrusion die by using control volume finite element method
1 MECH174NXT An experimental and finite element analysis of the static deformation of wood saw dust polypropylene composite pallet
2 MECH175NXT Analysis and fabrication of aluminum - chemosphere composites
3 MECH176NXT Analysis of composite helmet impact by the finite element method
4 MECH177NXT Application of ceramic short fiber reinforced all alloy matrix composite on piston for internal combustion engines
5 MECH178NXT Compression strength of a fiber composite main spar in wind turbine blades
6 MECH179NXT Design and analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine blade
7 MECH180NXT Failure analysis on composite bolded joints
8 MECH181NXT Fatigue behavior of composite. for wind turbine blades
9 MECH182NXT Finite element analysis of FRP tube assemblies for bridge decks
10 MECH183NXT Finite element analysis of the effect of clearance on single shear composite bolded joints
11 MECH184NXT Stress analysis is an unidirectional carbon/e-poxy composite material.
12 MECH185NXT Temperature analysis on composite structural body roofing
1 MECH186NXT Analysis and design modification of motor cycle alloy wheel
2 MECH187NXT Analysis and optimization of connecting rod
3 MECH188NXT Clutch assembly modeling and dynamic analysis
4 MECH189NXT Comparative load analysis between helical gear and bevel gear
5 MECH190NXT Computer aided modeling and optimization analysis of crankshaft
6 MECH191NXT Design and analysis of a rotary power steering system
7 MECH192NXT Design and analysis of a three wheeler chassis frame
8 MECH193NXT Design and analysis of cam shaft in automobiles
9 MECH194NXT Design and analysis of crankshaft using metal matrix composites
10 MECH195NXT Design and analysis of flange coupling in power transmission
11 MECH196NXT Design and analysis of hydraulic jack for lifting light vehicles
12 MECH197NXT Design and analysis of leaf spring in heavy truck
13 MECH198NXT Design and analysis of roller bearing and hydro dynamic bearing in series
14 MECH199NXT Design and optimization analysis of automobile propeller shaft
15 MECH200NXT Dynamic analysis of a clutch plate used in two wheeler
16 MECH201NXT Dynamic analysis of cam shaft used in automobiles with improved optimization
17 MECH202NXT Effective comparison analysis of a four stroke and two stroke piston of a two wheeler
18 MECH203NXT Fatigue analysis of a universal joint
19 MECH204NXT Finite element analysis and material optimization of mono leaf spring used in Vehicle
20 MECH205NXT Finite element analysis of stress in butt welding of two similar plates
21 MECH206NXT Material coating optimization and thermal analysis of a four stroke piston
22 MECH207NXT Material optimization analysis of a wind mill hub
23 MECH208NXT Material optimization and structural stress analysis of eicher chassis brackets
24 MECH209NXT Modeling and analysis of automobile drum brake return spring
25 MECH210NXT Modeling and simulation of automobile braking system
26 MECH211NXT Modeling and simulation of powder coating using cam and follower
27 MECH212NXT Modeling and steering and braking system in a car
28 MECH213NXT Modeling of a conveyor and weight reduction of conveyor roller
29 MECH214NXT Modeling of single plate clutch
30 MECH215NXT Modeling of Static and dynamic analysis of knuckle shape threaded joints
31 MECH216NXT Optimization analysis of helicopter tail rotor spar by using matrix composites
32 MECH217NXT Sensitivity Analysis of Headlamp mounting parameters for visibility and glare
33 MECH218NXT Structural optimization of typical light transport aircraft components
34 MECH219NXT Weight optimization and analysis of crankshaft