Research and Development
1 PY01NXT A corpus-based approach to generalising a chatbot system.
2 PY02NXT A neural network based database mining system for credit card fraud detection
3 PY03NXT Breast cancer prediction using Neural Networks
4 PY04NXT Breast cancer prediction using SVM algorithm
5 PY05NXT Coronary artery calcium score and risk classification for coronary heart disease prediction
6 PY06NXT Cricket result (match outcome) prediction using Random forest algorithm
7 PY07NXT Cricket Team Selection using Distant envelop algorithm (DEA)
8 PY08NXT Crop Yield Prediction using machine learning
9 PY09NXT Detection of phishing websites using an efficient feature-based machine learning framework
10 PY10NXT E-Commerce customer prediction using machine learning
11 PY11NXT Enabling Semantic User Context to Enhance Twitter Location Prediction
12 PY12NXT Hand gesture recognition based on fingers’ angles
13 PY13NXT Hepatitis B prediction using Decision Tree algorithm
14 PY14NXT Intrusion detection using Decision Tree algorithm
15 PY15NXT Liver disease prediction using SVM algorithm
16 PY16NXT Lyrics mood prediction using Decision Tree algorithm
17 PY17NXT Movie recommendation system using Collaborative filtering techniques
18 PY18NXT Object detection using openCV RNN algorithm
19 PY19NXT Parkinson disease prediction using Regression technique
20 PY20NXT Predicting dark triad personality traits from twitter usage and a linguistic analysis of tweets
21 PY21NXT Privacy preserving video chat using object segmentation
22 PY22NXT Rainfall prediction using machine learning algorithm
23 PY23NXT Real estate price prediction using decision tree algorithm
24 PY24NXT Sentiment Analysis of Emoji using Polarity
25 PY25NXT Sentiment Analysis of Twitter data using four machine learning algorithm
26 PY26NXT Spam filtering in SMS using Recurrent Neural Networks
27 PY27NXT Student result prediction using SVM algorithm
28 PY28NXT Tracking based text detection and recognition from videos
29 PY29NXT Video watermark with OpenCV
30 PY30NXT YouTube video recommendation using content base collaborative filtering
Application Side Projects
31 PY31NXT Ad Agency Maintenance (New)
32 PY32NXT A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data Storage in Clouds
33 PY33NXT A Secured Cost Effective in Secure Payment Gateway
34 PY34NXT Application Crime Reporting Technique
35 PY35NXT Bioinformatics Tactics For Protein Improvement
36 PY36NXT Cloud Computing Security From Single To Multi-Clouds
37 PY37NXT Collecting Eye and Patient Care
38 PY38NXT College National Service Scheme Maintenance
39 PY39NXT Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Double Security Verification
40 PY40NXT Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)
41 PY41NXT Customized for MNC's Leave Maintenance
42 PY42NXT Dance School Controlling and Maintenance Process
43 PY43NXT Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks by Using Persuasive Click Points
44 PY44NXT E-Environment GAS Agency
45 PY45NXT En-Code and De-Code for Unique Person using White-Card
46 PY46NXT Event Management Process
47 PY47NXT Human Resource Management in IT Company
48 PY48NXT Immunity Analyzer
49 PY49NXT Increasing the efficiency of digitization workflows for herbarium Collections
51 PY51NXT Motor Manufacturing in Automated System
52 PY52NXT Multi Farming System
53 PY53NXT Multiple Hotel Industry Using Common Portal
54 PY54NXT Music Store using python
56 PY56NXT Online art store using python
57 PY57NXT Paint Shop With Color Blender
58 PY58NXT Pipe Manufacturing in Automated System
59 PY59NXT Query Expressions for Development Resolver
60 PY60NXT School based management and school effectiveness
61 PY61NXT Secure Anti Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in Cloud
62 PY62NXT Seed Sales and Framer Help Desk
63 PY63NXT Student Feedback Schools and Colleges
64 PY64NXT Temple Seva Process
65 PY65NXT Textile Monitoring System