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Artificial Intelligence

At its core, Artificial Intelligence is the division of computer science that strives to answer Turing's enigma in the positive. It is an effort to replicate or mimic human intelligence in computers. The broad aim of artificial intelligence has furnished the modern world with numerous inquiries and disputes. So much so, that no single interpretation of the subject is universally received.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the many utilizations of AI (artificial intelligence) that renders systems the capability to automatically learn and grow from practice without being programmed explicitly. Machine learning concentrates on the advancement of computer programs that can locate data and utilize it to discover on its own.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset branch of machine learning within the extensive domain of AI (artificial intelligence) that involves networks intelligent enough to learn unsupervised from data that is unlabeled or disorderly. Deep learning is also recognized as a deep neural network or deep neural learning these days.

Data Mining

Data mining is a method employed by organizations to transform raw data into valuable information. By utilizing software to scan for patterns in huge quantities of data, companies can discover more about their consumers to uncover more efficient marketing approaches that improve sales and minimize costs.

Big Data

Big data is a term that represents incredibly large volumes of data including both unstructured and structured data, that floods a company on a daily basis. But it’s not the volume of data that’s significant. It’s what companies do using the vast data that matters. Big data can be examined for insights that point to more reliable judgments and decisive business decisions.

Image Processing

Image processing involves the manipulation of photographs utilizing digital computers. Its value has been increasing exponentially over the past few years. Its utilization ranges from entertainment to medicine while traversing through remote sensing and geological processing. Multimedia operations which are integral to the current information culture, rely massively on digital image processing.

Data Science

Data science is the discipline of study that links field expertise, programming abilities, and understanding of math and statistics to derive significant insights out of data. Data science practitioners implement powerful machine learning algorithms to digits, writing, pictures, audio, video, and more to construct AI (artificial intelligence) systems to accomplish duties that customarily require human comprehension.

Cloud Computing

In the simplest terms, cloud computing involves collecting and obtaining data and applications over the Internet rather than the hard drive from a computer. As opposed to cloud computing, computing involves the saving of data on or utilizing of programs from a hard drive, which is referred to as local storage.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is a general term that applies to a range of devices that enable people to access information and data from wheresoever they are located. Sometimes cited as human-computer interaction, mobile computing also has to do with the relaying of voice, video, and data across a network via a portable device.


Networking applies to the entire process of designing and employing computer networks, with respect to protocols, software, and hardware, including both wireless and wired technology. It concerns the utilization of theories from various technological domains such as computer/electrical engineering computer science, and IT.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the tradition of shielding networks, individual systems, and programs from digital assaults. These cyberattacks are habitually directed at entering, modifying, or terminating delicate data, with the objective of either extorting funds from users or disrupting regular business processes.


IoT (Internet of Things) is a methodology involving interrelated computing designs, mechanical and digital devices, articles, creatures or people that are equipped with individual identifiers and the capability to convey data over a network without wanting human-to-computer or human-to-human intercommunication.

Software Engineering

Software engineering has to do with the analysis of the user requirements and planning, building, and examining end-user applications that will meet these demands through the application of software programming languages. It is the utilization of engineering policies for the development of software. It is practiced for more extensive and complicated software operations, which are applied as critical practices for companies and businesses.

Software Testing

Software testing is a means of assessing the functionality of a software application with the intention of finding out whether the finished software meets the stipulated specifications or not and to recognize the deficiencies in order to guarantee that the outcome is free of any defects to deliver a high-quality product.


Biology deals with the research of living entities and their indispensable processes. The field has to do with all the physicochemical perspectives of life. Advanced principles of other fields such as medicine, physics, and chemistry, for instance, are combined with those of biology in sectors such as biophysics, biomedicine, and biochemistry.


The field of Bioinformatics has to do with the utilization of information technology in the investigation of living entities, customarily at the molecular level. Bioinformatics entails the usage of computers to manage, organize and apply biological data to answer enigmas in fields such as evolutionary biology.


Biochemistry deals with the utilization of chemistry in the examination of natural processes at the molecular and cellular level. It developed as a distinguished discipline around the commencement of the 20th century when specialists combined physiology, biology, and chemistry in order to examine the chemistry of living organisms.

Life Science

The sections of science that research living entities are called as the life sciences. A scientist who operates in the life sciences would be involved in discovering more about animals, plants, human beings, and also miniature microscopic bodies. It is often described as the study of life and how living entities endure and evolve.


Nanoscience has to do with the examination of fabrications and elements at the scale of nanometers. To provide a better perspective of how great a nanometer is, an average paper is approximately 75,000 nanometers in thickness. When structures are built miniature enough, in the nanometer capacity, they can take on fascinating and beneficial qualities.

Environmental Science

Environmental science concerns the science that deals with the exploration of environmental evolution policies in the global scenario. It exposes the correlation between human pursuits and natural ecology. The science also investigates the impacts of environmental fluctuations on human durability and examines the technological standards and administration capacities for the overall restriction and regulation of localized environmental contamination.


VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration involves the means of designing and constructing an IC (integrated circuit) through the uniting of thousands of transistors into an individual chip. VLSI was started back in the 70s when complicated communication and semiconductor technologies were just beginning to be improved. A popular example of VLSI is the modern-day microprocessor.

Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a controller that has a dedicated role inside a more extensive automated or electrical operation, oftentimes accompanied by real-time computing limitations. It is embedded as part of a comprehensive design frequently comprising both mechanical and hardware parts. Embedded systems are responsible for the controlling of numerous devices in general usage today.


PSPE (Personal, Social and Physical Education) is a program that is designed to educate students through activities intended to strengthen their sense of individual identity and their individuality within their cultural and sociological context. This program intends to help students gain a balance between gaining knowledge and abilities with a perception of how that information pertains to larger ideas while expressing constructive approaches and practicing rational behavior.


The planning and coordination of the movements of a company in order to accomplish established intentions can be loosely categorized under the term management. It consists of the interlinking roles of devising corporate strategy and coordination, preparation, establishing, and regulating an organization's sources to realize the aims of that strategy, as a result of which efficient management backed by proven practises is key to the success of any organization.

Ph.D Projects:

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